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  1. What's a good ceramic coating for a black car?

    I also bought some paint gloss and like it. The thing that bugs me more then anything is things like finger prints, paint gloss is great and removing things like that even on glass.
  2. Would you buy a tuned car?

    The biggest unknown is how it was treated. My Ecoboost is tuned and has a intercooler but I still baby the car. But had a cousin who broke the drive shaft in my uncles stock car doing " neutral slams"
  3. Front Floor Mats

    Those do look nice, I bought a set from Lloyds to keep the boss lady happy :) Think I will swap them out and use the molded rubber ones when at the beach and switch back when we drive home
  4. Front Floor Mats

    Funny but true story.. Got my car in the fall of 2023 so the weather was nice, Wife wanted to go to a building surplus story to look for a bath tub for out remodel..After sitting and waiting on ehr for 20 minutes I walked out and when we got there ( 15 miles away ) and got out I realized I...
  5. Front Floor Mats

    I do drive barefoot some but mainly was my wife who was riding with the dogs in her lap :) I will look at Lloyds
  6. Front Floor Mats

    I have a set of Husky rubber matts that are great for beach trips but not comfortable barefooted on long trips for my 2021 Convertible? Has anybody found a good set of carpet matts that like? Don't need it to say Mustang or anything just a good quality softer matt. Thanks
  7. Installed tire stickers today

    I remember the paint sticks..Were good when you damaged the lettering against a curb also
  8. Getting CarPlay to work?

    May not help but have had mine ( 2021 ) not connect and had to shut phone off ( iphone 12 ) and back on to get it to connect. Doesn't happen often but always when I am late and need my GPS.
  9. What's a good ceramic coating for a black car?

    Bead maker did better on my wife’s car which doesn’t have a coating on it. Brought out a shine and seems to hold up decent. But didn’t like it in my car which have Gyeon Pure. Did want to smear and didn’t do much to help the shine
  10. What's a good ceramic coating for a black car?

    Can you apply a coating over another coating. I wish gyeon pure felt slick
  11. What's a good ceramic coating for a black car?

    Dream maker seems to help mine but doesn’t protect much or last
  12. What's a good ceramic coating for a black car?

    Thanks, I agree about pure not being slick. Like the look but wish it felt slicker. Will check out the armour one
  13. What's a good ceramic coating for a black car?

    Learned so much here so far, used Gyeon Pure on my Red 2021 Convertible and also my sons Blue accord. Have a friend who has a 2020 Black challenger ( 480 HP one ) and I told him I would help him do a minor paint correction ( been garage kept so looks decent ) and a coating but not sure which...
  14. Audio System Upgrade 2022 GT Convertible

    Its not a bad sound, seems when I lower the top the sound level goes down. Not sure if that's my imagination or not :)
  15. Damn just got a check engine light 4 codes please help !

    Exactally what I was thinking..Make sure the battery isn't getting weak
  16. Audio System Upgrade 2022 GT Convertible

    I changed the rears on my 2021 convertible and although it helped some not as much as I had hoped. I might try the forscan tweaks next but like others have said makes me a little nervous :)
  17. Anyone regret buying a ragtop vs a coupe?

    same, my wife Rogue has the panoramic moon roof and we never open it.
  18. Nascar Talk

    I all about money and who can bring it in. If Honda is willing to spend it NASCAR will stand with open arms. And if you criticize them they will fine you a bunch of money for that lite blue panel when the rule said Blue, ask Tony Stewart
  19. Nascar Talk

    I never liked the IROC style racing but get a lot do. Was always a Ford vs Chevy Vs Dodge type guy and liked seeing what each brand could do. But NASCAR has taken that away with this car and hammering guys with points and fines for screws being too long.