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  1. Frankinstein 2018 GT?

    oh its on that list above. PPF and ceramics for sure. got 2 quotes. one for 3k and another for 2.5k.....its a lot but I'm there with you. spent a shit ton on body and paint, why not protect it.
  2. Frankinstein 2018 GT?

    Yeah I have no problem sharing that with you. hood struts 90 MP GT500 bumper 883 MP GT350 hood 795 Mp GT350 fenders 375x2 Handling fee for larger items 25 That’s the question right? What order to do all this in lol. My to-do list…. Go from cloth to leather seats $1500 quote Ppr and ceramic...
  3. Frankinstein 2018 GT?

    Yeah I have no problem sharing that with you. hood struts 90 (didn’t fit the replacementhood) MP GT500 bumper 883 MP GT350 hood 795 Mp GT350 fenders 375x2 Handling fee for larger items 25 MP GT500 side rockers 215 MP GT500 spoiler w wicker 200 Renegade smoked euro tail lights 510 MP gt350...
  4. Frankinstein 2018 GT?

    Only “issue” I’ve noticed from photos are fitment on the front hood. It does look a little wide but I had this issue from the car stock. I was hoping the new hood would fix it. At this I wonder if that just how it is😄. Aside from that everything’s clean. Ignore the fuel door. Previous owner...
  5. Frankinstein 2018 GT?

    Well, she’s officially done and holy hell. If she looks even as half good in person as she does in photos I’ll be beyond happy. Here she is.
  6. Frankinstein 2018 GT?

    Quick photo update…shop got the black accessory paint added on the front bumper and winglets. She’s dirty as hell but to be expected sitting in a shop. Cars ready for pick up tomorrow. They probably have her all cleaned and polished by now but I won’t be able to pick her up at least for another...
  7. Frankinstein 2018 GT?

    That’s sort of the consensus I came to but it’s nice to hear it from someone else. Cars going to be ppf’d and ceramic coated. In addition it will live in a garage as much as possible and I have a cover for when I can’t
  8. Frankinstein 2018 GT?

    The issue is I bought MP’s GT350 hood. It has a hood vent it’s just nonfunctional. That is what I’m working on to make functional
  9. Frankinstein 2018 GT?

    Also concerned with where water would fall if I were to drive in the rain. I’m open to recommendations
  10. Frankinstein 2018 GT?

    It’s all solid metal. It would need to be cut. I’m concerned is I’m no wind aero expert so while I would like it to function, just cutting a hole in it probably is t the bet option you know?
  11. Non Skinny "drag pack"??

    Found these over at Jegs. love the style. not far off the VMS's I like. https://www.jegs.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/SearchResultsPageCmd?q=Race+Star+Wheels+92+Series+Drag+Star+Bracket+Racer+&storeId=10001&catalogId=10002&langId=-1 only question that remains really is which clear my BREMBO...
  12. ZL1 Addons Small Wicker Bill

    May not be much help but one of the big S550 YouTubers runs ZL1'S wicker bill as an addition to their wing. For the life of me, I can't remember who though. Try searching it on Youtube and it would probably pull up. I heavily considered it for car after watching.
  13. Non Skinny "drag pack"??

    Thanks. Checked out Apex. a bit $$$. Currently saving for a ESS kit hence the need for a drag pack. I may have to cave for skinnies after all😔
  14. Non Skinny "drag pack"??

    Yes, that's the thread I was mentioning. Not really wanting to go with the wheels OP went with. Seeing if anyone else had any recommendations. Guess I should note id like the same wheels up front as the rears too.
  15. Non Skinny "drag pack"??

    Yes, there's a thread currently up with basically the same question. However, it has been resolved and I still have questions haha. Here's how my question differs slightly. I'm interested in the VMS V Star wheels. Original, I know. What I'm not a huge fan of are the skinny front wheels. I've...
  16. Budget Rear Drag Pack Options?

    I'm looking for a drag pack. love the VMS V Star wheel. what I don't love is the idea of running skinnies up front. any ideas on a solution? I saw a larger front s550 vms wheel option but it stated it was only for non BREMBO options and I do have the brembos. curious on yalls thoughts.
  17. Frankinstein 2018 GT?

    Received some photos today! She’s coming along nicely👌🏼
  18. Georgia Reduced $590 2018+ Heated Carbon Fiber Wheel

    Does it come with buttons or are the factory buttons brought over?