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  1. High Mileage Gen 3's & how are they doing?

    My 2018 GT Premium is a weekend "therapy" car. 14K normally aspirated and 16K boosted. Just turned over 30K. Low mileage for sure. Only issue was a fried 10R80 after 7K boosted. Built replacement has been great so far. Otherwise, -0- issues. Been a real solid car so far. Would like to...
  2. 10R80 Upgrades - How are they holding up?

    I toasted my original 10R80 at 21K (14K non-boosted, 7K boosted) with a P1-X and at an estimated 640 RWHP. No 1/4 mile just highway pulls up to about 140. Bought a VIN correct 10R80 from a Ford dealer and torn it down and did the comprehensive Sun Coast upgrades with the extra E clutch and...
  3. 10R80 HP Tuners Question

    I know the HP Tuners softwares normal tuning pathway for the 10R0 is aimed at modding normal and sport modes simutaneously. I assume this would upgrade both sport modes, i.e. sport and sport plus. Does anyone know for certain? I have reached out to HP Tuners with this question (I have an...
  4. 12,000 miles with a ProCharger P1X

    12,000 miles on my 2018 GT with ProCharger P1X. The only issue I have had is about 7K miles the bolts on the tensioner backed off about 1/4 turn. Torqued them to spec no issues to date. Supercharger belt (the one that come with the unit) looks like new. With a 4.63" pulley mine comes on...
  5. Louisiana New 56# Injectors with spacers for 5.0

    Brand new never used 56# injectors with spacers. $125.00 shipped in the continental USA.
  6. Louisiana Manley 5.0 Forged Rods with ARP blolts

    Brand new, never installed Manley 5.0 Gen2 and Gen3 rods with ARP bolts. $750.00 shipped within the continental USA.
  7. New 5.0 Gen2 and Gen3 Manely Forged Rods Louisiana

    Brand new, never used Manley forged rods with ARP bolts for the 5.0. $750.00 shipped in the continental USA
  8. Oil Catch Can - No Oil

    I installed a JLT oil catch can about 2.5 years ago on the passenger side when my GT was N/A. Would get about a teaspoon of oil every 3 - 4K miles. Went boosted at 15K and noticed the oil in the catch can began to diminish. I now have just over 23K miles, total. I checked it for the first...
  9. Louisiana WTB: Ford Motorsports oil pump gears for 2018 GT

    Looking for a set of OEM Ford Motorsport oil pump gears to fit a 2018+. Must be new.
  10. Beefing up a 10R80

    Sooo . . . my trans went kaput after 21K total miles, with about 7K of those boosted. I knew from the beginning of boost this was a possibility. Ordered a new trans from a local Ford Dealer (gave me a discount since I have been a past customer). So I am going to tear down this new Ford...
  11. Louisiana WTB: 2018, 5.0 compatible 10R80 core for rebuild

    If anyone has or knows were a rebuildable 10R10 core/trans is, please PM me. Must the 5.0 compatible. I can find lots of 2.3L Turbo Mustang cores, but no luck yet for a 5.0.
  12. Fixed my 2018 GT's 10R80

    My trans worked perfectly for the past 20K miles (21K total miles, 7K with boost). Began with a 5 - 6 flare at lite throttle (shift solenoid issue), then progressed to occasional hard 3 - 4 downshifts (excessive line pressure). I drove it one day and tried drag mode and would bounce from 3 -...
  13. Can the TCM be tuned independent of the PCM?

    I see there are some companies that offer the ability to tune the trans. Are there proven offerings that allow me to tune my trans independent of of the PCM that really work?
  14. 10R80, Boost & Ford TSB

    After 21K trouble-free miles my 10R80 has begun having issues. Started with a 5 - 6 flare (free rev between gears), then progressed to a violent slam shift on the 3 - 4. Went 14K miles NA, and just over 6K boosted. Problem does not occur all the time, and only acts up at lite, part throttle...
  15. Louisiana WTB 2018 - 2020 stock L & H Hand Exhaust Manifolds

    Looking for some take off L & R hand exhaust manifolds (with Cats attached).
  16. How to determine bad cat on FI

    Developed a slight rattle under the car recently. Put it on a lift and we inspected everything under carriage from the front of the engine to the tail pipes and found nothing loose or touching. We tapped the LH side cat and it was solid. Tapped the RH side cat and it sounded different, like...
  17. WHP Estimate with LTH + FI

    With my present FI set up I am estimating about 640 - 650 whp. With the addition of LTH's and a proper tune revision, what is a realistic gain at the wheels?
  18. 10R80 5 - 6 flare in normal driving

    Just over 20K absolutely trouble free miles on my 2018 GT, nearly 6K with boost. Recently my 10R80 started exhibiting a flare when shifting from 5th to 6th under light throttle in normal driving. I used my Ngauge to delete the KAM (Keep Active Memory) and I re-flashed the tune originally...
  19. Procharger Stage II HO Tensioner (or not)

    Pulled off the interstate today and at the first red light, I noticed quite a bit of unusual noise at idle in the cabin. Got home and checked, everything looks perfect, but right at the head unit/tensioner it sounds like a muffled box of rocks now. I have the P1X with helical gears and I have...
  20. Bolt Torque and Torque to Yield

    Replacing various bolts on my spare Gen3 long block build. I understand Torque to Yield fine, which is easy enough. When the manual says (for instance) 177 inch pounds, then 28 inch pounds, I understand this as taking it to the 177 inch mark in increments, then going an additional 28 inch...