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  1. Driver speakers side sounds much louder than the passenger side speakers

    Have you confirmed the settings are for all seats, and not set at driver only? That can be found in the audio settings.
  2. Metal piece in engine

    My guess it's the foil seal for a quart of oil. Maybe someone who did a past oil change never got that seal completely off and some of it went down into the engine?
  3. 2016 GT Premium with 9 speaker system - it just keeps on giving

    I don't get all the hate for the center speaker. When I replaced my door speakers I replaced the center speaker at the same time. To adjust the settings I set the fade all the way to the back and moved it forward until I could just start hearing the center speaker and that seems to work. Edit...
  4. Help with battery replacement procedure

    The manual says you should reset the window bounce back while you let it idle for one minute first time you start it with a new battery. All you do is hold the down button down for 3 or 4 seconds after the window reaches the bottom and then raise the window and hold the up button for 3 or 4...
  5. Nascar Talk

    Bobby Allison is the reason for restrictor plates. They were put in after this crash
  6. Nascar Talk

    I've been watching since the days Wide World of Sports was the only TV coverage we got. Awesome Bill was my guy, don't have a favorite any more. But I do route against anyone driving for Hendrick. That whole felony charge pardon sits wrong with me. I've only been to one race which was the July...
  7. 2016 GT Premium with 9 speaker system - it just keeps on giving

    Ford should be ashamed of the quality of those speakers. Weird thing is from the back they look just like the speakers I have but from the front they look like a completely different cone material. I searched that part number from a Canadian online Ford dealer and it doesn't come up at all. I...
  8. 2016 GT Premium with 9 speaker system - it just keeps on giving

    Not in my car. It may vary by year but my front lower door speakers have a roughly 3" magnet on the back were the rear deck speakers were maybe 1". Big difference in the quality between the two.
  9. 2016 GT Premium with 9 speaker system - it just keeps on giving

    Not that it matters now but those are not the factory lower door speakers that came in my 2019 GT Premium with the 9 speaker system. Those junkers are what came on the rear deck panel. The factory lower door speakers are strictly a woofer so I don't know if putting a 2 way speaker in there will...
  10. What’s something you wish you Knew when you got your first Mustang??

    Not much to add from what others have posted, but enjoy what may be your last best chance to drive a gas powered rear wheel drive pony car. Anything else is just an appliance.
  11. Garage door dripping on the Stang

    Take a sheet of heavy plastic and attach it to the door inside the garage. Do it in such a way the plastic doesn't rip when you open the door. That should catch any drops and when you close the door it should drain out the bottom between the door and plastic. But if the door's wet from rain...
  12. What is this intermittent sound?

    I'm not the guy who could answer that. All I know is I had an F150 that needed to have the a/c recharged every 3 or 4 years and the tell tale sign was when the compressor was kicking on and off like that. If it's low you shouldn't be getting much cold air coming out of the vents inside the car.
  13. What is this intermittent sound?

    If it is the a/c compressor and it's cycling on and off every 10 seconds there's a good chance the the refrigerant is low. You may want to have that looked into.
  14. What’s this thing?

    So what if you have the modem but never set up Ford Pass? When I first got the car I had a few emails from Ford reminding me to set it up but I never saw the point of doing it so I haven't.
  15. Winter separate or same tires year round

    My Mustang stays in the garage when it snows so I can't answer your question. But I do have winters and summers for my SUV and I always laugh when people talk about the extra expensive having two sets of tires. Since you can only have one set of tires on the car at a time your summer tires...
  16. Rodent wiring damage.

    I bought a couple electronic mouse repellers off Amazon and have them in the garage. They seem to work and they weren't very expensive. There is a bunch of types available.
  17. Prior Ponies

    I'm on my 3rd. Started with a 69 Mach 1 and later got a 2011 with the 3.7. The 2011 will probably go down as being the best car I've ever owned, not a single issue and just a great car to drive.
  18. Whats the best way to start your Mustang after Winter storage?

    Normally I like to start my car and move it out of the garage and let it warm up a bit in the driveway. But if it's sat for a couple weeks the transmission (A10) won't go into gear right away. I assume the oil in the torque converter has drained back into the pan. So if it's more than a week I...
  19. 10-12k Over Oil Change, am I screwed?

    My 2011 Mustang had the OLM stop working at exactly 100,000 kms. Which happens to be the exact mileage the warranty runs out. I reset it at that oil change and it stayed on 100% for the next 150,000 kms. I was on a different Mustang forum in those days and I posted this and several people said...
  20. Oil Filter Question

    I have a 2016 Edge with the same plastic drain plug as my Mustang has. It has 100,000 kms on it with the original drain plug and original o-ring. I park on a clean concrete floor and I can tell you that plug has never leaked a drop. Spend all the money you want on an aftermarket plug, but there...