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  1. New SPE GT500 Fuel Rails & V-Block 2020+

    Hi All, Put these on the car and took them right back off. Went a different route. Never drove on them so newish if you will. Nothing wrong with them at all. Yes, it's a great price. All you need is hoses and fittings to make your own set up. The 2 ends with AN's are ORB. The Y-block will...
  2. Don't buy SPE Motorsport Parts

    Yeah I would not teflon an AN. AN fittings are a mechanical seal, I could have used teflon paste, but for fuel, would not be comfortable knowing the only seal I have is a chemical paste and not a mechanical seal.
  3. Don't buy SPE Motorsport Parts

    And trashcan company strikes again. I CANNOT MAKE THIS UP. Got around to installing ported blower with all of SPE's fuel rails, lines and fittings (had bought them months ago) and they all leaked! The fittings from y-block to lines, the 90's & 45, and the fittings from back of rail to SPE...
  4. Where is the FPDM in 2022 GT500?

    Trying to figure out which is primary and which is secondary.
  5. Where is the FPDM in 2022 GT500?

    Hey yeah this helped! How do you know which FPDM connection is primary and which one is secondary. Can't find that anywhere.
  6. Don't buy SPE Motorsport Parts

    Yeah man, I'm a very reasonable guy and almost never encounter situations like this. When I do, a lot of times I give the company the benefit of the doubt. First time I've ever even made a thread like this. It's just blatent.
  7. Don't buy SPE Motorsport Parts

    Yeah I thought they were a stand up company too. Dealt with Chance at first, asked for a manager and got Amy. Never told me her last name nor title. IDK I was going back and looking through their emails, man they are so ridiculous.
  8. Don't buy SPE Motorsport Parts

    Hmmm maybe not a bad idea if it's not too late.
  9. Motec and Other goodies starting to trickle in

    Hmmm have a link to for sale parts, not on FB?
  10. Don't buy SPE Motorsport Parts

    Hi All, So had an issue with my SPE Idler making noise. Contacted SPE and they’re basically doing nothing about it. This was a new part, bought directly from them not even a month old. Has less than 200 miles on it. SPE told me this noise is normal operation and nothing is wrong with it. I...
  11. Where is the FPDM in 2022 GT500?

    HI All, Installing a boost a pump in my car and can't seem to figure out where it is. I've seen people say trunk, right next to hat on driver back seat and wall of back seat pass side. Called JMS and they don't know either lol. Don't feel like tearing the whole thing apart just to find them...
  12. What is this on my Supercharger?

    I gotcha. Where was the 677 falling on the tensioner? I'm running a 675hd and it started out at 33-34. After 100 miles looks like it's stretched to 30-31.
  13. What is this on my Supercharger?

    Interesting. I dont know if a pulley is measured from a peak or valley. Never put a caliper on mine. Have you datalogged? The ecu will read boost down to .xx so maybe your instrument cluster might read the same whole number.
  14. What is this on my Supercharger?

    Any reason why you consider it a 2.55? Not exactly sure yet, in the middle of tuning and tuner is out of town. Saw about 14psi at around 6000. Not sure if it'll make 15psi or not, live in some elevation. E85 is next round. Have all the parts and will probably put on in 2 months.
  15. What is this on my Supercharger?

    Nah I have a guy local that is pretty good. Prior to all this with JLT, Corsa cat-back and tune with local guy it made 714rwhp. So this is 2nd round of mods. Hopping back on the rollers 21st.
  16. What is this on my Supercharger?

    Thanks! Did all this so far: SPE 2.6 with ti hub SPE fixed idiler Whipple tensioner Gates belt SPE thermostat (runs 18 degrees cooler now) VMP water mani VMP Lid VMP race intercooler
  17. This Look Correct? Belt Size

    FWIW, it ended up using the one I originally speced. K080675HD 68" Also was there a 3" and 2.5" Whipple tensioner? I was sent the 2.5" by Whipple but it worked. I'm at the 33-34 mark on it.
  18. What is this on my Supercharger?

    Soo putting some parts on my car, pulled the intercooler off and looky here!? Ford trolling everyone else? They knew this one would be a beast? Sensuality Titanium! Finished... for now.... more to come Who doesn't love a garage shot? okok it was me :p
  19. This Look Correct? Belt Size

    HI All, Doing a Whipple tensioner, SPE fixed Idler and 2.6" pulley. All else stock. If my math is correct I should be looking for a 67.79"-68" belt. Anyone get anything else?