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  1. Lift points?

    Hey guys, going to be lifting my 500 for the first time. Anything specific I need? Where are the jacking points? Trying to get an idea so I’m not going in blind. Thanks guys
  2. 350 v 350R

    Apologize if this has been asked before so if it has can someone just tag the original thread. I’m started my early look into a 350 or R. I’m interested in what the differences are between them? Any specific years to stay away from and why? Thanks guys!
  3. Correct Coolant

    Just changed my overflow tank and noticed it was low with coolant. Anybody know what ford uses/recommends? It’s green/yellowish for what it’s worth, thank you
  4. Carbon fiber

    Hey guys, I’m starting to look at my options for some carbon fiber items that I want. My question is, does carbon fiber look the same from different places? For example, does Anderson Composites and Trufiber have the same stuff? Or completely different? Any particular places to stay away from...
  5. Carbon Fiber CAI

    Wanting to buy a carbon fiber cold air intake. Looked at Kong but they always seam to be out of stock. Probably going to go with SPE. Can anybody that’s bought one drop some pictures installed and how are you liking it? Regrets? Worth it? Thank you!
  6. JLT Oil Separator?

    Looking to purchase the JLT oil separator and everywhere states that they can’t sell due to the wonderful laws here in CA. Has anybody had success buying from somewhere that will ship to CA? Thank you
  7. Tow Hooks?

    Looking into adding a front tow hook, are raceseng & Zl1 addons the two main options for aftermarket? Drop some pics with yours installed please👍🏻
  8. Aftermarket wheels

    Hey guys, I’m looking to switch out my stock wheels and I’m beyond indecisive with all the options available lol. Can you guys post photos of what you have picked out for your 500 to give me an idea? Thank you!
  9. Carbon fiber?

    Where are all of you getting interior carbon fiber trim pieces? Not overlay but the real thing. Thank you!
  10. Market

    Hey guys, looking to get a 350R to pair with my 500. I’ve had a 350 in the past and reluctantly sold it. Just like any other vehicle the market is sky high right now as everyone knows. No one knows the future but I’m hearing the market is “supposed” to come back down to earth late this year...
  11. Window Sticker?

    Hey everyone, picked up my new (2,900 miles) 2021 Shadow Black over the weekend. Man this car is so damn fun to drive. I’m used to high performance vehicles but this car has been my absolute favorite. As I’m the 2nd owner there was no window sticker that came with it when I bought it from the...
  12. Euro tail lights for 350?

    Anybody have the Euro tail lights on their 350? If so can you guys post your cars with them? Thinking of swapping mine out
  13. Dynaperformance?

    Anyone fill me in on the quality? Website looks good and the pricing looks amazing. So what’s the “catch”? I saw someone else on here say it’s “fake carbon fiber”. My head is spinning with all the options and places to go to. Pricing is all over the place. Looked at Trufiber but almost all their...
  14. Colored Emblems?

    Anyone know where to get some front and back colored emblems? If there is not a source how can we do it? I’ve seen some other 350s on IG with them
  15. Aftermarket Shelby Emblems?

    Hey guys I’m looking for aftermarket emblems for our GT350s? Any recommended websites? Wanted to find the Shelby 350 badge on the front and back in a baby blue if possible.
  16. What color brake calipers do you have?

    Thinking about switching up the color of my calipers. Has anyone done yellow with Kona blue? What did you guys do?
  17. Best Carbon Fiber source?

    Any preferred places to get interior and exterior carbon fiber products for our GT350s? Thanks guys
  18. Just got a 350!

    Hey guys, been following the forums for awhile and finally pulled the trigger on Saturday to get a 350. Car is awesome! Put about 250 miles on it in the two days I’ve had it. Anything I should be caught up to speed on?