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  1. Thinking of trading it in for a ranger?

    Thinking of trading in the mustang for a 22 ranger tremor. What do you guys think
  2. Transmission or clutch issue?

    Was driving on the freeway today and was doing a light pull and all of a sudden trying to shift gears becomes very hard. Pulling it out of gear and trying to shift into gear. Really hoping it’s just the clutch or throw out bearing. What do you guys think. Any clutch recommendations?
  3. Welp this just happened

    Was on my lunch today and some guy hit me and 4 other cars while at a red light. Is it sad that I don’t want the car anymore?
  4. Mbrp street exhaust

    Mbrp street exhaust for sale. Used for about a year. Wanted to sell it for $500.. Make me an offer
  5. Upgrade to brembo?

    What all do you need to upgrade to a brembo kit on a base GT?
  6. X Force Exhaust

    Is anybody running this with long tubes? Think it’s worth upgrading from mbrp street. Just wanting an “active exhaust” to quiet it down when I want. Or is there any other brands that have something similar?
  7. Puddle lights on base model?

    Anyone know if it’s possible to add puddle lights to a base gt or getting premium mirrors and just swapping them in?
  8. Trans fluid?

    I know this has probably been discussed many of times but.. what trans fluid do you guys recommend for 18+ Mt82?
  9. Ticket help?

    Anybody know of any ticket dismissers or help with tickets in SoCal area? Might’ve gotten caught doing dumb things last year 😂
  10. MGW experience/suggestions

    Going to pull the trigger on an MGW, can’t decide between standard or x-spec, and either standard height or low profile.. already have a weighted raceseng shift knob
  11. First time track advice?

    Might be going to willow springs next week in CA. Any tips for a newbie?
  12. Fitting a front bumper inside the car?

    Has anyone tried to fit a front bumper inside their car? Picking up one but not sure if it’ll fit 😂
  13. Installing heated/cooled seats into non premium car?

    Has anybody done this? Or is it possible? I just have the 301a package. I noticed there’s an extra connector under the seats.
  14. ISO Velocity Blue front bumper

    Anybody selling a good and clean front bumper? Don’t want to buy a whole new one from Ford and get it painted..
  15. Anybody using Uniden R7??

    Picked up the R7 a couple weeks ago and was wondering what setting you guys are running? Thing picks up everything. I’m in California btw