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  1. ||| Tikbalang5.0 Build ||| A do everything style Build

    How does the car ride and handle with 285/35's on 9.5-inch rims? I'm running 275/35's on 9.5's and due to noticeably increased fender gaps I'm pondering 285/35's or 275/40's next time. Thanks!
  2. Traction Control

    They will spin with TC off.
  3. Source for engine splash guard screw inserts?

    These? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H894DCW/?coliid=I1XJIUPJ4JGSZO&colid=2R0BRWIFRG4F5&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  4. Staggered 275/35R19 & 295/35R19 Pics

    If you check your selected tire mfg specs, you may find that a 285 tire is OK on a 9.5 inch rim. That's the case with Continental DWS 06'S - the 285/9.5 combo is OK. The 275 limit for 9.5s is a general rule.
  5. Opinion on Mach1 Wheels

    I recently bought this to clean tires and wheels and it's incredible how well it works. You'll wish that you bought it sooner! https://www.amazon.com/Detail-Factory-ProGrip-Ergonomic-Handle/dp/B0CNQF2PVB
  6. Does Anyone Recognize These Wheels

    Here's what Samsung's circle find AI found. I don't think it's an exact match, but the spokes are about the right width. https://www.vaddesign.com/vad-forged-wheels?lightbox=dataItem-ik5i6qnw
  7. Staggered 275/35R19 & 295/35R19 Pics

    Here's an example of 275/35 square on stock suspension. The increase in gap is noticeable and once these tires wear out, I plan to change to 275/40.
  8. Staggered 275/35R19 & 295/35R19 Pics

    To clarify, the gap between the tire and the fender at any point in the fender's arc will change by 1/2 the change in diameter. The vehicle's height from the ground will also change by the same value.
  9. Telematics module

    It should be behind a panel found in the trunk, drivers side. So, I guess the unit is in the drivers side rear upper fender area, behind the trunk panel.
  10. The Bad Noise

    If it stops when you turn the radio off, you likely are hearing a loose speaker or ground wire that moves when you hit a bump causing a speaker pop.
  11. I'm not too sharp on the offset/fitment issue

    The way that I try to remember is that as the offset goes up, the outer (and inner) wheel edge shifts to the inside. A 9-inch front wheel at 25mm offset should put the tire just about flush with the fender edge. A 10.5-inch rear wheel with a 55 offset may be slightly tucked inside the fender...
  12. Renegade tail lights clear coat flaking off, yet again.

    This: https://www.formlights.com/2015-2023-ford-mustang-led-tail-lights-pair.html
  13. UPR Billet Oil Drain Plug - Thoughts?

    Hi. After all that I've read about after-market oil plugs, stock seems to be the best choice. 1. This is a part that is only seen during oil changes. 2. No reports of stock plug failing. 3. Managing oil flow when draining is very simple with the stock plug. 4. Replacing the stock plug every...
  14. Mud flaps/splash guards

    Rok Blokz? Lots of us use these and they look good, are pretty tough, and do the job. https://rokblokz.com/products/ford-mustang-v6-ecoboost-gt-splash-guards-15-17
  15. New EPA regs coming phaseout gas engines

    I've got a friend who bought a Toyota RAV 4 Prime. No extras, and the low-end 12-hour 110V charger. 300HP and 47 miles electric-only before it turns into a hybrid. The crazy thing is that the charger will plug into a standard electric outlet, wherever one is located. And he takes advantage of...
  16. Put a deposit on a new car- you guys going to laugh.

    So simple, but designed the way it should be. From the video - are the bottom panels actually made of METAL??! Who designed this car? Easy to change oil filter and metal bottom panels? Sacrilegious.
  17. Put a deposit on a new car- you guys going to laugh.

    What am I seeing right there behind the air filter box? An accessible and mess-proof oil filter???!? It looks like there's a chrom-ish raised lip that catches the oil when you unscrew the filter?
  18. Quarter Panel Damage

    Not a chance! Several areas are bent that won't cooperate well at all. If you get into pulling it out you can improve the damage but it won't look right. It's driveable, though if you can live with it. Bummer.
  19. Chrome falling off the muffler

    Gasoline/Ethanol + oxygen + spark yields carbon dioxide + water. So the inside of the exhaust is constantly bathed in water while running. Water + cheap Ford chrome yields corrosion. 🤓