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  1. Tow hook

    ford performance both ends and like John i hve some l.e.d.'s as rev. lights.
  2. Upgraded to factory Recaro seats - Now have Air Bag light

    'yes, you must use the air bladder that is on your std seats.
  3. Anyone use a Quickjack 5000SLX sideways?

    I have not done it on my S550 but have done it on two other cars over the past 4 to 5 years. I just made sure the jack was placed as far forward as I could get it. In bot cases it fit well just behind the froth wheels on their subframes.
  4. Seat delete with access door to the trunk.

    I had a seat delete from Watson, that I got when I installed my Watson roll bar. The concept in actually simple. I used the Watson back piece to fab My "drop panel" version. I used cardboard to cut an test fit, trim and then made the 78672 panel out of 3/32"plywood with shower board backing...
  5. Ordered a Watson 4 point roll bar

    Now that is cool!!!!
  6. Seat delete with access door to the trunk.

    The drop door panel is as wide as I could make it with a roll bar. It could have been a lot wider if I didn't have a roll bar.
  7. California APR GTC-200 wing $800 obo

    I completely understand. I didn't think anyone wanted it so I figured I would just buy a good low cost deck lid, paint it and now I have a choice.
  8. Seat delete with access door to the trunk.

    Thank you MACHtobers.
  9. Seat delete with access door to the trunk.

    I removed my seat delete back piece. Used it as a template to fabricated a new piece with a access door to the trunk. I installed it before putting the carpet to see how everything fitted. The black lining material is for sound dealing.
  10. Spare tire - Dead weight or haul it along?

    I bought a spare tire kit back in 2018 and just didnt care for it. The jack was very flimsy and I just didnt like the idea of that skinny tire. So I sold it and used the money to buy a blemished rim and a 2 ton electric jack kit form Autozone, three stud extenders to make putting the tire on...
  11. Spare tire - Dead weight or haul it along?

    I have a buddy of mine that never ran a spare. He had two flats on the freeway. Both times he had to have the car towed. Both times they damaged it. Yet to this date he doesn't carry one, some people just dont learn. I have a full size spare. Made from a blemished rim from American muscle. Took...
  12. California APR GTC-200 wing $800 obo

    Sorry guys, I decided to just buy another deck lid and install the wing and keep it. That way the few times I might take her to the track I will have it
  13. California APR GTC-200 wing $800 obo

    Well if there is anyone of the fence on this DM me soon because if i dont sell it soon, I am going to go to plan B. I will buy a used deck lid and paint it and install the wing so that I can just go back and forth when I do go to the track. This way I dont have to put any holes in my OEM deck lid.
  14. What is this?

    The sound tube goes from the intake air tube right outside the air box, along the driver side fender well down to the firewall. and is attached to the firewall by one bolt. That is not the soundtube
  15. California APR GTC-200 wing $800 obo

    any one? make me a offer.
  16. Wanted: deck lid

    Looking for a complete deck lid Perfered non spoiler type. DM me if you have one you want to get rid of
  17. California APR GTC-200 wing $800 obo

    I bought this wing back when I had plans to commit my car to a, sometimes street-most time track day car. That plan ended when Cal Speedway closed its doors. . Any way I never installed it and it has been in my garage for a while now. So now it is time to put it up for sell. Local only, I live...