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  1. Carbon fiber wheel damage and Repair

    I discovered inside lips on my driver side carbon fiber wheels had some damage, rear one was more just small edge ( just needed epoxy) and left front had deformed and crack damaged . It’s just been repaired by Spyder Composites : it was $600 +117 Shipping to north Idaho. The wheels are stiffer...
  2. Your handle/name meaning and why?

    Mine is Johnnydarkgt350; in 1954 my dad took me to a drive-in in his 1950 Mercury. We saw my first ever race car movie.Johnnydark” . Tony Curtis drove the Idaho Special and won. ( I live in Idaho now) . Every time we pulled up next to a car at the stoplight I’d say Johnnydark and he’d race them...
  3. Sears point/Sonoma raceway alignment

    My GT350R is in the shop today for camber; just installed Vorschlag camber plates; opinions on settings? I suggested 2.75 front? Ford is at 2.2? There’s a high speed downhill tight right there at Sonoma? The expert at Vorschlag said 3?
  4. Enclosed cargo trailer for the wide GT350R

    I just looked at a new trailer and I believe it was 81 inches between the inside fender wells and I believe mine is close to 78 inches in the rear anyone know of solutions to this close fit?
  5. Track set up and any suggestions go Infineon raceway

    SAAC 46 at Sonoma raceway, towing in an enclosed with Motorhome. Suggestions and set up for my GT350R? Camber etc? Rock chip protection covering? Any and all help from my friends here to make it a fun and safe weekend! Thanks Jim
  6. New 2020 GT350R YES OR NO ?? Opinions

    My track buddy is the GSM at my local Ford store ; the owner is a friend of 13 years now ; my track buddy just let me know that they have a slot for a 2020 GT350R. Opinions which is the best way to order ( HEP)?or color and options for best future value ? And should I sell my pre production...
  7. Line lock/ launch control

    2020 GT 350 not engaging line lock in launch control as a local Ford store manager just called me and asked what could be the problem is it because it only has 100 miles on it?
  8. Earliest GT350 and GT350R build dates

    Having a GT350 or GT350R is amazing. As the last build is going to be recorded soon I feel it’s time for you early build Shelby GT350 and GT350R registered cars to be known for historical reasons; As an owner of three 1966 Shelby GT350’s the first cars known hold historical value (Especially the...
  9. Shelby GT350 MYSTERY

    Before I retired ; the question was where on the GT350 does it say that it’s a “ Mustang “?

    Rick Titus was our Mustang introductory speaker when I was with Ford. He taught us the About the aerodynamics affecting the front wheel wells at high speed building up to 600 pounds and creating lift and that’s why the wheels were designed with an offset to be pumps to relieve up to 150 of those...
  11. Carbon fiber wheel Damage

    I just removed my left front carbon fiber wheel and cleaned it very well to get a good ceramic coating on it today; I discovered some hairline powder coating cracks in the inter-webs and one small damaged area on the lip on the inside . I’m hoping that if anyone knows if These areas are just...
  12. Heel and toe

    Just doing first “ getting to know my Shelby drives” , I put my foot to the right side of the break and went to roll over for heel and toe and the pedal seem to wide apart for heel and toe and also the brake pedal seem to be higher so it wasn’t even ; what are you doing out there to correct...
  13. Octane boosters to help with 91 only available

    I’m hoping that this thread finds you and yours safe and healthy; my question is about octane availability from our pumps in CDA Idaho ( north Idaho) best we have is non ethanol 91 octane; what octane booster do you any of you with experience use to bring it up to the needed 93? Thanks
  14. GT350R Autocross alignments: open track

    GT350R! Just purchased a rare pre production 5/26/2015 build date R ; I’ve autocrossed in past with a fox body Saleen, open tracked my 2000 cobra R and now looking for help on camber etc for either event ; the GT350R on YouTube running the big track at willow springs was at 3 1/2 negative front...
  15. 2016 pre production GT350R

    Hello fellow Shelby owners and enthusiasts; I’m hoping to find more info on my GT350R that is Chassis “PP011”; It was the featured car at the Chicago auto show in 2016 I’m magnetic Gray and I wanted to know if these were assembled differently for fit and finish ? and I have heard that only three...