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  1. REX Ramjet headers

    So thoughts, why wouldn’t you get a mail order tune from a company that’s tuned 10,000 mustangs instead of a local shop that’s tuned 26?
  2. REX Ramjet headers

    Nice. There's no wrong answer. Let us know how the install goes and who you use.
  3. REX Ramjet headers

    Yep could be. I’ll be going ramjet just for the better material, equal length, ground clearance, and Phonsy from GMM has been around for a long time and I trust his products,
  4. REX Ramjet headers

    Have a read through some threads in the main sections. It’s luck of the draw. Happens to all brands like Kooks, LTH, Texas Speed etc and some people get lucky for a few weeks.
  5. REX Ramjet headers

    Apparently these work well though. http://www.bigdaddiesgarage.com/
  6. REX Ramjet headers

    Yep check engine light is a universal thing.
  7. Header Coatings

    I'm curious why so many people are picking Pacemaker headers? I know the table below is marketing but Ramjet seem to be the best buy on the market for RHD.
  8. Header Coatings

    Have you considered the equal length stepped Ramjets? And who are you getting to fit them in QLD?
  9. Pedders Brake disks and pads

    What do the discs weigh?
  10. Just bought a vortech. Any tips before installing

    This should be all the info you'll need if you haven't seen it. 2018-2023 Mustang GT Install | Vortech Supercharger Complete Kit - YouTube
  11. Australian spec Mustang owners photos

    Yep I just hired a car in Nara and spent a couple of days driving around. Was great.
  12. Australian spec Mustang owners photos

    If you're over near Osaka, I drove out to Liberty Walk and the Toyota Museum at Aichi and loved it. If you're near Tokyo, it's worth driving down to Yokohama visit Nismo and go to the Daikoku car park at night and seeing the street meets.
  13. Aussie Number Plates

    And watch them try and deny your warranty. I was told warranty will be denied for the immediate factory parts touching any aftermarket part. So catback bolted up? Cats denied. Headers bolted to engine block? Engine denied. Lowering springs? Shocks denied. Driveshaft? Trans and diff denied...
  14. Power Seats ?

    Can confirm. My Australian delivered GT has powered Recaros but they do not have heating/cooling still.
  15. Aussie S650 wait List and deposits?

    Paid $82K for a S550 with recaros and magnaride in June. I thought that was right up there. Now the same spec is $98K. Insane.
  16. Went to go look at an S650 at local dealership

    The taillights/rear is basically Mach E. I don’t see how more people don’t see it.
  17. What Upgrades/Mods are you going to do to your Mustang?

    Hard to get quotes out of people but had one shop quote 8 hours and another quote $1400 for fitting and alignment only….. So I’ve still got springs sitting in a box. I might have a crack doing it myself.
  18. Aussie aftermarket suppliers for Mustang

    The best combination for the S550 is a Venom Automotive CNC number plate holder with a Craigs Number plate bracket. No holes in the front bar and no holes in the number plate. The number plate is then easily removed with a thumbwheel or you can use a washer and locking nut to make it secure.
  19. I phone apps

    Any idea what the app is called or have a link? I can’t find anything in the App Store under Track Day.
  20. Recommendations: Best Low NVH Rear Diff and IRS Bushing kits?

    From pouring over hundreds of threads and never being able to make my mind up. For the IRS subframe if NVH is the #1 priority.... Whiteline KDT943 and Steeda IRS braces. The "best kit" that everyone will say will be the Steeda Stop the Hop or BMR CB005 or CB010/CB762 combo.