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  1. Trans Fell...Possible Damage? Please Help

    So I installed a clutch and had some issues with it (My New Clutch Wont go into gear thread) so I had to remove the trans again to to diagnose the problem...as it turns out it was a bad clutch disc. Anyway, my son was helping me taking my trans out and it was one of those things, he thought I...
  2. New clutch…won’t go into gear

    So I did a new clutch on my 2015 GT. I went to start it up today and now I have an issue, when it’s running, it won’t go into gear. It’s weird when I try to start it in gear, it’s like the clutch isn’t even doing anything, the car will lurch like I’m not even holding down the clutch. The clutch...
  3. Boosted Car and Suspension Upgrades

    So Ive been driving my 15 Gt with a Stage 2 Whipple now for a couple of months, love it. It's my daily and Im building it strictly for a fun street car, no track time at all, strictly daily and some spirited driving. After adding the extra power of the Whipple what are some suspension mods you...
  4. Whipple Tune vs. Aftermarket Tune

    So I’ve had my Stage 2 Whipple on my 2015 for a couple of months now and I have to say I really love it. It’s everything I was hoping it would be… and more. I’m just really wondering about doing a tune. I have no really experience with this and before I drop 1000.00 of more for a tune I thought...
  5. Smog Testing

    So I know this is a question that most wont want to answer in a public forum for obvious reasons and maybe you want to message me, that's fine to, but Im going to ask anyway... I see a lot of people on FB and even people from California I follow on Youtube who do a lot of stuff to their cars...
  6. New Clutch for Whipple

    So I just did a Stage 2 Whipple on my 2015 GT. I know the first things I’ll have to do are drive train upgrades. I’ll be doing a clutch, driveshaft and a new shifter to start, along with some of the small stuff that goes along with installing those parts. ‘My question is what clutch to go with...
  7. California Ford Performance Passenger Side Oil Catch Can

    I had this on my 2015 GT, so I’m not sure what other years it fits. Make sure to do your research. 100.00 shipped plus PayPal Fees.
  8. Sorry…another Whipple Install Question…Intercooler

    Man I hate this… I have the upgraded IC and the manual barely covers this. The fittings on the stock one have one on each side, the upgraded one has the fittings on the same side…do they go on the driver or passenger side? Is there an addendum or something for installing this IC that I’m...
  9. 2015 GT Whipple 3.0 Belt Install…please help

    Man, I’m a pretty mechanical person. This is my second SC install by myself and the third I’ve been a part of and this one is the worst…the manual on this one sucks. Every time I do some thing I have to undo because there is something that isn’t in the manual or that just isn’t clear…so stupid...
  10. Whipple GT350 vs. GT

    I have a friend selling a Whipple 3.0 from his 2018 GT350. Would it be possible to make it fit on my 2015 GT 5.0?
  11. LOC and stock sub hook up

    So Im adding a sub to my stock system. I will be using an LOC and I know you usually tap into the rear speakers. I want to tap into the stock sub-woofer. What wires would I tap into to Mae this happen?
  12. California Idatalink MFT-1 and Maestro RR

    This is for many Ford vehicles, however I used it on my 2019 Mustang to do a double DIN. This will allow you to retain all the stock options you currently have. 150.00 shipped plus PayPal fees.
  13. California 2015-17 GT 350 Steering Wheel

    Used but in great shape. No rips or tears, no real wear to even really mention. 175.00 shipped plus PayPal fees.
  14. California WTB: Digital Cluster Set Up

    Anyone selling a digital cluster setup? Im looking for one for my 2019. I need the cluster, the bezel and the one right hand button, that's it. Im in Socal and would prefer to do business locally. Im open to buying out of state, but Im trying local first. If you have something please email...
  15. Aftermarket clutch and stock flywheel

    So, is there an aftermarket clutch that works with the stock Ford flywheel. I’m trying to help out a friend on a budget. This is for a 2016 GT.
  16. Living in Socal with LT's

    Im wanting to do some LTs on my 16 GT. Those of you that have them, have you ever really been hassled because of them? Do you swap them every 2 years for smog?
  17. California and LT Headers

    So this question is mainly for those that live in California... I want to do some LT headers on my 16GT. Yes I know they are illegal...yes I know I should move out of Commiefornia....blah blah blah. Since that isn’t an option those that run them is it worth it? I’m guessing I’ll have to swap...