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  1. European hommage to best S550 model

    This is what driving is about, forgot your digitial dashes, 760 bhp, 10 speed autos, quarter mile times - give me this beautifully designed high revving V8 that immerses you in the action anyday.
  2. Mach 1 confirmed for UK

    https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/ford-mustang-mach-1-454bhp-special-edition-confirmed-europe Just hope we also get the handling pack version
  3. Pedal Bike

    Hi, Rather than me going out front and looking like a douche trying to get a pedal bike into my 17 Mustang, anyone managed to succesfully get an adult road bike into the Mustang with or without removing the front wheel? No one else will be in the car so I can fold down seats, whatever. If I...
  4. New regs for engine nosie

    Mustang specifically mentioned, seems to depend on which Mustang you have with regards to flexibility on noise! So more bhp per tonne the better. Wish they'd use BHP and not KW, I have no idea what my car is in KW without converting! With regards to the acoustic cameras, surely if I just dip...
  5. Seems values are holding nicely!

  6. Sad times if true!

  7. What would you have bought if Mustang not came to UK?

    Probably a 50% chance I would have got a BMW M2, a 20% chance kept my E90 BMW M3, a 15% chance got the previous generation Porsche Cayman (before changed to 4 cylinder), 10% chance imported a LHD Mustang and a 5% chance would have not bought any performance/weekend type car.
  8. Sync 3 phone calls

    Anyone else have an issue on Android Auto that if someone calls you, when you answer the line goes quiet. But when you call out all is fine ???
  9. Interesting read on car sales including the Mustang

  10. Car park twats

    Anyone else have where you park away from everyone else in say a Sainsbury's car park and even though there are plenty of spaces some jerk parks right up tight to you. Really pees me off
  11. 2021 Mustang - five things to keep, five things to dump

    Said three things in title, meant five! So what are the best five things of current Mustangs that want to keep, five things you think Ford should dump and five new wishlist things without having to mod - try and keep roughly within Mustang price point. They have to be tangible points, not just...
  12. Good to see a car company listening to its customers

    Not Mustang related but good to see Porsche reacting to sales and listening to customers with a naturally aspirated six cylinder manual gearbox for the "normally" priced cars ie Cayman. A desirable car other than Mustang at last, should hopefully give Ford more competion to up its game in the...
  13. It appears the 'enemy' is coming in RHD - Be warned Ford

    https://www.topgear.com/car-reviews/chevrolet/2dr-auto/first-drive This should keep Ford on their toes, as at the moment they have a kind of monopoly on RHD muscle (or pony or whatever you want to call it!) cars.
  14. Nice video of GT500

    Great video with Dave Perisak. Changed my mind after seeing the car in film - looks great and the rear wing is not overbearing. Although still choose a GT350 even only for the extra revs.
  15. Mustang v Toyota (BMW) Supra

    Another loss, I thought the Mustangs raison detre was drag racing?!
  16. Somewhat interesting article which includes Mustang

  17. Day Time Running Lights

    On the few occasions I see a Mustang, 80% of them have their DRLs on. I know it seems intuitive during the day but they just look sooo bad. Change them or just switch your main lights on, please!
  18. Interesting read - Future of Ford according to its bosses

    https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/industry/exclusive-future-ford-according-its-bosses Nice to hear Bill Ford agreeing that unnecessary tech is pointless. "It’s easy to fall in love with technology and give people stuff they don’t need or even understand. You’ve got to ask: are we making...