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  1. Hot air in pedal box area

    Ok so some times when I'm driving on long trips the air around the pedals got really really hot even though AC is working and blowing cold on the air vents. I wonder if anyone else had that problem and have an idea what it might be ? CHT temps close to normal operating temps.
  2. Power Steering not working after Master Cylinder Change

    Hello All, I got the car to the dealer yesterday to replace the Master Cylinder with a new one and to change front brake calipers bleeding valves with new one from Sthalbus however the front right caliper is leaking around the valve we put some teflon tape on it and looks like is holding or...
  3. Exhaust rubbing in RLCA's

    My S550 has Ohlins R&T coilovers installed -1 inch drop and Steeda IRS Base Kit. Last time in the shop I noticed that my Stock Exhaust is rubbing in my Rear Lower Control Arms during bumps which explains why I feel hits in the driver seat over bumps. Both Mufflers and RLCA’s have witness marks...
  4. Gas Pedal Resistance low when engine is hot

    Hello All, I have a very strange issue I noticed after my last track day. Car is 2017 Mustang GT PP1 Manual. So after my last track day on the way going home I noticed that my gas pedal resistance when pressing it was kind of lower and the car was not reacting fast enough to gas inputs. I got...
  5. Something in my Driveshaft

    Hello All, My shop send me this lovely photo: Who can identify what that metal thing in my driveshaft is ? And what the next steps should be this thing is creating an annoying rattle.
  6. Exedy Mach 500 + OEM flywheel question

    Hi all, I want to ask if someone is running Exedy Mach 500 clutch with OEM flywheel. I'm reading a lot of things but there is no definitive answer if it will fit with the OEM flywheel. This is important as finding the Lightweight flywheel is next to impossible in Europe. So if someone is...
  7. Loss of Power on Track

    So on Friday was my first day out with the car for the season. But after the first session my straight speed dropped 10 km/h. My Best Lap for the day (22 celsius air) My Best lap from November (11 celsius air) As you can see I'm down almost 10 km/h on the longest straight. The car was...
  8. My Suspension Plan What you Think

    Hi All, I want to improve my car performance over the winter. I regularly track my car on a short 2km track here is my last best lap: Current Mods: Square: 275/35 Zestino 07RS (Soft 140TW) on stock PP1 wheels. Steeda Camber Plates FP Strut Tower Brace Steeda Front Swaybar Good...
  9. MT82 oil leak and Driveshaft ticking sound

    Hi All, So few weeks ago I start getting a wired sound in my car like a ticking in 4th and 3rd gear when out of throttle. Sounded like some plastic is rotating and hitting something. So I did ignore it because you know Ford. However this keep bugged me so one day I located that is actually...
  10. Track Pack Spoiler Part Number and Price

    Anyone have part number for the Track Pack Carbon Wing and Pricing ? I wonder if it will fit on my 2017 GT.
  11. Rear SwayBar bushings problem

    Hi, I was at the dealer for oil change after my last track event and I have a knock in the back of the car so I asked them to check. Turns out my rear Swaybar OEM bushings are shot and are causing this. I have Steeda Front Bar with Steeda bushings so no glued to the bar bushings etc. Since...
  12. Run over a curb suspension issues

    So back in November I run trough a Curb with 80 km/h (50 mph). I only catch it on the side though so right front and right rear were hit especially the rear as the car jumped off the curb when it hit the rear wheel. So obviously I replaced the wheels and get an alignment but there was an...
  13. 275/35 Forscan Code question

    Hi All, I got 275/35/19 all around on my car but now my speedo is way off. Could someone share the forscan code for the 275/35/19 rear ? My car is 2017 GT if this helps. Also the front is now higher than the rear is that to be expected will it cause any issues with aerodynamics of the car ?
  14. JRZ RS One Touring question

    Hi, I'm debating on getting JRZ RS One Touring for my 2017 GT however nowhere I could find if the kit comes with springs and if so what are the spring rates. I know that this are coilover on the front divorced spring on the back. But still no info on spring rates or if it comes with springs...
  15. Slicks sizes and wheels

    Hi All, I want to buy 10x19 wheels for track to go with 285/35 semis however I wonder what Slick sizes from Michelin and Pirelli I could use on this wheels does anyone have any experience with tracking there Mustang on racing slicks ?
  16. FBO M-6050-M52 build question

    Hi All, With all the rage around the GT500 and the fact that the Predator is cross-plant crank 5.2. I wonder how hard is to turn the 5.0 Coyote into something similiar I seen the M-6050-M52 part available and I read trough all of the options according to Ford this with the CobraJet intake...
  17. Error P0219

    So I was checking DCT codes today and my car had a P0219 - Engine Overspeed condition should I be worried ? No engine lights and car was driven on track so probably I over rev it going into second. Is this a reason for worries ? Car in question is 2017 GT PP.
  18. GT PP 305 tire fitment questions

    So I have 2017 GT PP. I'm reading that the GT PP2 has 9.5" F wheel but it's rapped in 305/30 tires so my question is could I fit 9.5" F wheel preferably PP stock back rim in the front and get 305/30 on it will I need any spacers or longer struts ? In other words how is this done on the GT PP2 ?