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  1. Trans Fell...Possible Damage? Please Help

    I appreciate this. My wife says the same, and Im sure you're right as well, it will be ok...still sucks, but it will be ok. Im just glad we didn't get hurt. Im just waiting for some parts to come in to finish it up so I can re-install, see if its all ok and move on..
  2. Trans Fell...Possible Damage? Please Help

    Ok, believe it or not Im pretty sure you answered my question. I just wasn't sure if the shafts were supposed to turn when it was in gear. It just seemed strange to me. The trans was fine before and there is no way the fall did any major damage to anything significant to the insides, I was just...
  3. Trans Fell...Possible Damage? Please Help

    This will be difficult, but I can try. The trans is under the car and there isnt a ton of room. So, Im trying to break this down to something simple. The trans didn't fall feet or anything, maybe a foot off the jack. Even then it kind of more rolled off the jack and the way it landed is what...
  4. Trans Fell...Possible Damage? Please Help

    No, it fell like a foot off the trans jack. It really just kind of rolled off. Yeah, Im not sure what to do, Im so bummed. It just happened so fast. Ive done so much work on my cars over the years and Ive never had anything like this happen before...
  5. Trans Fell...Possible Damage? Please Help

    So I installed a clutch and had some issues with it (My New Clutch Wont go into gear thread) so I had to remove the trans again to to diagnose the problem...as it turns out it was a bad clutch disc. Anyway, my son was helping me taking my trans out and it was one of those things, he thought I...
  6. New clutch…won’t go into gear

    Mine wouldn’t go into gear at all…
  7. New clutch…won’t go into gear

    No I haven’t ordered anything yet. To be honest, even I really need one, I don’t like dual disc clutches. I don’t really care for the characteristics of a dual disc. I hate the chatter and noise they make. This is my daily and with the traffic where I live, a dual disc can suck. The reason I...
  8. New clutch…won’t go into gear

    Well, I tried everything. I did replace everything, slave cylinder as well. I did bench bleed it also. It didn’t appear to be a hydraulic issue. I pumped the pedal a bunch over several days and it didn’t help. Tonight I had to drop the trans. I’m don’t see anything obvious. I don’t think the...
  9. Velgen VF5 VF9 VF10 Flow Formed Light Weight Concave Series - Vibe Motorsports

    Do you guys carry the VF10’s in gloss silver in stock? I’m thinking a 20” 10/11” setup. Or are they a special order? I’m starting to shop for some new wheels and I really like these.
  10. New clutch…won’t go into gear

    Yeah fluids good. Did a drain and refill on some fresh fluid.
  11. New clutch…won’t go into gear

    Have to be honest, don’t think think this is the issue. Maybe I was hoping someone had the “magic answer “ for me, but sadly I think I’ll need to drop the trans again. I was hoping to avoid this but guess not…sucks.
  12. New clutch…won’t go into gear

    I mean, possible, but I don’t think so. Damn I’m going to have to drop this trans again..ugh. Thanks
  13. New clutch…won’t go into gear

    BTW, the clutch pedal feels like it has enough pressure so I’m not sure that’s the problem. I pumped it a lot . I know this will be the first thing people will say…
  14. New clutch…won’t go into gear

    So I did a new clutch on my 2015 GT. I went to start it up today and now I have an issue, when it’s running, it won’t go into gear. It’s weird when I try to start it in gear, it’s like the clutch isn’t even doing anything, the car will lurch like I’m not even holding down the clutch. The clutch...
  15. Installs and Tune around SOCAL. Where are the reputable shops?

    What about Papinni’s in Temecula?
  16. Boosted Car and Suspension Upgrades

    So Ive been driving my 15 Gt with a Stage 2 Whipple now for a couple of months, love it. It's my daily and Im building it strictly for a fun street car, no track time at all, strictly daily and some spirited driving. After adding the extra power of the Whipple what are some suspension mods you...
  17. Whipple Tune vs. Aftermarket Tune

    I feel the same way. I love driving my car. This might sound silly, but I look forward to it. I have a 30+ mile drive everyday and I look forward to it. Its my time to turn off my brain and just enjoy what one of the things I work for...and I enjoy it immensely
  18. Whipple Tune vs. Aftermarket Tune

    Im not about miles per gallon either. Im just really shocked at how bad it really got. I mean, I expected to loose some mileage, especially when I drove it hard, but I never expected to loose 6-7 MPG's, even under normal driving conditions.
  19. Whipple Tune vs. Aftermarket Tune

    Lot of good info here. Let me also say this. Im not in any way bashing the Whipple tune, it seems to run just fine. You all know how it is here in the Mustang community, the Kool Aid starts to get passed around. As soon as I installed it the first thing people are telling me is to get a new...
  20. Whipple Tune vs. Aftermarket Tune

    Wow, this is a lot of info here, very technical. One thing I don’t like that I noticed and questioned right away was the idle. I was told that is just how it is. It used to idle around 620-640, now sometimes it hovers close to 800 and seems erratic. One other issue I’ve noticed is that my vacuum...