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  1. Do these wheels have TPMS?

    Related to this question - when getting new tires, do just the gaskets in the screw in head need to be replaced, or new stems?
  2. Extended Stud Options?

    Thanks for that @JAJ .Any ideas if any of the stud options from opmustang would work better? The GT4, bullet rspec or the midlength rspec?
  3. Extended Stud Options?

    Thanks. Id have to get the tools to do the studs and find the time. On the other hand ive already asked around at shops here - none of them will press studs into hubs. They'll put in new hubs with extended studs, but wont put studs in existing hubs. Mine have 50k on em now. Thats why I was...
  4. Extended Stud Options?

    Have a slow leak in a rear tire which cant be patched. I can either buy two new rear tires now, or go ahead with my square apex 20" upgrade. Ive already got a set of VS-5RS in 11*20 52mm all around. Ive got 25mm spacers for upfront, just need new hubs. OP Mustang does have much, and seems to...
  5. Official APEX Wheels Showroom Gallery Thread

    Just after I got my 20" VS-5RS... Looks like a 10 spoke from that pic, what id love to see is a 7 spoke....
  6. Door Sill Plate question for the gurus

    The top ones with the engine designation/type were the original in at least the 2015 models. I believe they were still done through 2016 - at least partway, and changed to the newer style for the 2017 model year.
  7. GT500 Brake Swapping The R

    A rear brake swap with the e-parking brake from a GT500 would be interesting on a 350... Would that even be possible?
  8. P0301 misfire code

    Spliced it for for now - seems to work - ill take her out for a spin later and see. @honeybadger do they sell just the connectors somewhere to splice into a harness?
  9. P0301 misfire code

    After getting through Ian, delaying the much needed oil change by over a week and still having to be mobile - I had a check engine light the two days before the oil change with a rough idle. It was gone sometimes - then back - but there for the most part. After the oil change it was gone - and...
  10. 19 vs 20 inch wheels

    Yeah - 19s on 35 sidewall, 20s on 30 sidewall of course. Id go with 20x11 52 square - but this is from the angle: Tire availability and selection now and the future. Certainly looks like 305/35 R19 isnt a size that many tire manufacturers are interested in (or 295/35 R19 for that matter) -...
  11. 19 vs 20 inch wheels

    I recently bought a set of square 19x11 52 Apex VS5RS forged wheels in the last group buy - but havent gotten around to mounting them yet. They just opened up a new group buy for the 20 inch VS5RS which I was originally interested in. Ignoring the fact that I already have the 19s - looking at...
  12. GT350 Daily Use

    I can understand that if youre a collector and totally into numbers matching. But who cares about that for a daily driver. And honestly - the big reason why engine replacements and high oil consumption has been hyped is in forums. Yes - it happens - so what? I havent looked up any recent...
  13. GT350 Daily Use

    Bought new in 12/16, daily driven since then. Just cracked 40k miles. New engine at 24k due to high oil consumption, and other than the AC, no major issues. Minor issues youd have with any other car. FP exhaust on it at 15k, and enjoying it. No issue with the ride quality PSS tramlined, PS4S...
  14. APEX - Mustang Wheel Design Survey

    Didnt see this back in March, but I did hit submit on the poll just in case.... The 5 spoke E design is real nice. A nice 5 or 7 spoke design would be killer!
  15. Boss Style X-Pipe/Side Exhaust

    Does anybody have the total length of the main Xpipe part? Same length as the Lethal resonator delete for example? Looks similar.
  16. Question for those who have already gone through the oil consumption process.

    Do it through the dealer, then its documented. I went back every ~500miles, got between 2-3qts refilled (at no charge). Did that 4 or 5 times, and it was new engine time.
  17. So long, and thanks for all the fun - goodbye GT350R, hello Porsche 911

    The Carrera T is probably the Pcar i'd be most interested in, if I went that direction. I've looked at a couple of reviews, and it seems to tick all the boxes.....
  18. Signature Wheels SV902

    At what price T?
  19. So I hit a pitchfork....

    Thank you Mr Badger! Ill take a look.