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  1. Toe alignment

    I run 2.5 mm front toe out as a daily setup so you should be fine.
  2. Ohlins Coilovers and Wide Front Wheels

    When I was at the same situation I went with Apex 19x11 ET26/ET52 with 305/30/19 Nankang AR-1 tires square. The car is a dream to drive. Currently sitting on 295/35/19 Yokohama A052 here is a photo:
  3. Ohlins Coilovers and Wide Front Wheels

    the top bolt is slotted so you can add a bit of clearance that way but I think he will still need the fender because it's not only the strut that is a problem with that wide wheels he will be hitting the inner fender wall as well ask me how I know :D. Overall with the Ohlins I run 19x11 ET26...
  4. Rear Spring

    At my local track we some how have both as the curbs are high and very broken the car literally has to jump over the first turn in order to be fast and you need to do that on throttle if possible. And then you have a lot of bumps in brake zones etc. You need a car that's soft but not too soft to...
  5. Dragy 60-130

    Yeah recently I installed Power Pack 3 and I'm really happy with the results. Car much faster.
  6. Dragy 60-130

    The problem is that no tuner can fix the crap Gen 2 Intake Manifold it has an issue in the higher RPM's as someone already pointed out. You will make more power if you switch to 2018+ or GT350 IM.
  7. Dragy 60-130

    9 or 10 sec 60-130 is fast for an N/A Gen 2 though how much faster a Gen 2 N/A can go ? I admit I didn't do an 60-130 after the PP3 but based on times on track should be around 11.5-12 seconds. So not fast at all I think OP 0-60 time is great as well as his 60-130 time based on only a tune and a...
  8. Decision Time

    I'm not a gt350 owner so take my answer with a pinch of salt but they refreshed the GT350 in 2019 so the 2020 is much better car than 2017 besides the 2017 had some reliability problems so the newer one is preferable.
  9. Rear Spring

    Nope my home track is flat but really bumpy the pavement is crap on it so I run the Ohlins very soft. And because of the bumps I need more rear spring to control the rear. The other track near me is with new pavement and there this springs work great as well. But again the rear for me needs a...
  10. Rear Spring

    I actually think a bit more rear spring will be beneficial with my setup but as you said it may be because of the 515 front springs. I think 900's will be better and this is because I'm heaving controlling what is going up in the rear is compliant but not compliant enough over bumps and such...
  11. Rear Spring

    With 450 front and 500 rear on conventional spring location you will have like 200 lbs or so wheel rate in the rear the car will understeer and with OEM dumpers will ether be way out of the control settings for the Magneride or bouncing like crazy over bumps. You have to consider that putting to...
  12. How come the s550 tramlines so bad?

    I would trow 2 cents here but did you check lug nuts are tight and your wheel hubs are still fine ? Also as someone suggested alignment ?
  13. Rear Spring

    I have tested a lot of times with PP1 shocks and springs package I can assure you 515/800 is much much faster. For example I was doing 1:09.9 on Stock PZero's (5 years old) 255/275 with the Ohlins while I needed 275/35/19 140TW semi slicks to run a best time of 1:09.77 with the Stock PP1...
  14. Keep stock flywheel with new clutch?

    you will need to do clutch relearn even with the stock flywheel so better get a lighter one while in there.
  15. Rear Spring

    I consider everything bellow 800 provided you have a reasonable front spring too soft. Spring rates should be based on what tires you run. As stickier tires require more spring which is why race cars on slicks have 1200 lbs springs or more.
  16. Rear Spring

    That's real coilover on the rear though so 600 is more like 1200 at the OEM location.
  17. How do you no-trailer guys handle the logistics of a breakdown at the track?

    good chance you jinxed yourself so be careful next time out. or at least 1 or 2 bottles of oil ;) Overall I do drive my car to events but my 2 local tracks are close one is 140 km's away and the other one is 250 kms or so I rarely even have a jack in the car and with parts so hard to come by...
  18. Tuned GT Question

    I guess as well as you sell it with the ProCal 3 in the car the resale value should probably be up a bit because it's an often done upgrade. I think though PP3 are not street legal there is a big yellow warning on the box. So that might be an issue if you sell to states that are very very strict...
  19. Predictions for Mustang 60th Anniversary

    There is an youtube video that was leaked it's a Super Snake but the video was made private as it was uploaded early.
  20. Clutch replacement....

    Replace flywheel+clutch+tob this is the minimum while in there consider adding after market shifter preferably trans mounted as well as Steeda or other form of Braided clutch line.