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  1. 5 Years of Mustang Bliss

    Completely agree, the 15-17 Mustangs were great value for money. That the residuals are so good shows they are still a desirable car. With the low servicing costs, road tax only £140 a year etc, there is nothing than can compete when it comes to bang for buck.
  2. Lockdown boredom already?

    If the above is your thoughts on a car that apparently suits you, then you are indeed a prat. And to suggest building them in Valencia would improve build quality is somewhat laughable. Then to say the 2105 has "primitive" technology is an example of your hyberbolic ramblings. I've go things...
  3. Lockdown boredom already?

    Of course there are issues, just like if you go on any manufacturer forum there will be issues. Do I think the Mustang is the best built quality ever, no of course not. But when you get prats like Greg with their hyperbolic ramblings as though the cars are all falling to bits, and that it...
  4. Lockdown boredom already?

    The amount i paid in 2017 was great value for money compared to anything else on the market. Would i buy a 2018+ car now with all the gimmicks for thousands more, no
  5. Lockdown boredom already?

    So you have zero data to back up your ramblings apart from hearsay. Congratulations
  6. Lockdown boredom already?

    You clearly have different priorities. I do not care about memory seats etc in fact front parking sensors I found to be an annoyance and would not buy a car if i was forced to have them.
  7. Lockdown boredom already?

    As for BMW/Audi etc being a beacon of reliable motoring and build quality, I suggest you view this video which is based on claims from WarrantyWise. As for certain models of cars being more reliable, see below where the BMW M4 makes an appearance. With all the above nonsensical ramblings I'm...
  8. Lockdown boredom already?

    Looking forward to seeing the stats you have to substantiate your ramblings. Because of course no person, unless they were a complete moron, would draft numerous posts on the apparent plethora of reliability issues with such confidence without having the numbers to back up their claims.
  9. Lockdown boredom already?

    You buy a Mustang for the engine, looks and sound. You don't buy one for the interior or tech. Otherwise they would have to spend less on the engine or increase the price. I really couldn't care less about the plastic interior and not having a digital dash.
  10. Lockdown boredom already?

    Yes and don't waste your time and mine having to read your nonsense. If I wanted to spend another £7k on gimmicks, engine problems such as the tick issue and a drowsy/dropey front end I would have got the 18 version. Ford needed to increase the price of the Mustang so threw in a few gimmicks on...
  11. Lockdown boredom already?

    Oh wow a digital dash, jeez amazing. I've read comments here of people saying magneride is over rated and complete waste of money. Active exhaust, just buy a replacement one. If you think this is worth the circa £7k extra then clearly you are the dream audience for the marketing department. It...
  12. Lockdown boredom already?

    Wow you write some crap
  13. Lockdown boredom already?

    There's nothing wrong with the build quality, such an exageration and cliche this line. My Mustang has been much more relaible than the BMW I had which rattled and had engine problem. Also to say that the cars pre 2018 had shoddy build quality and primative technology is a joke. If you want a...
  14. Mach 1 confirmed for EU and UK (Full Press release and Photos)

    I think we can agree that dynamically the M2, M3 and M4 is better than the Mustang GT. But I would have to say that the Mustang stands out, looks better and sounds better than those. The M cars now sound like vaccum cleaners and look similar to each other. But with regards to the Mach 1, I'm...
  15. Mach 1 confirmed for EU and UK (Full Press release and Photos)

    You mean like me? Im saying currently the Mach 1 does not appear to have anything that would wow me over an M2 Comp or Cayman GTS.
  16. Mach 1 confirmed for EU and UK (Full Press release and Photos)

    I just haven't seen anything yet that makes me go wow, for £60k I'd take this over a BMW M2 Competition or a Porsche Cayman GTS. I'm not saying Ford can't compete at this level with a Mustang, but at the £60k mark this can't be a car of compromises or gimmicks.
  17. Mustang spoiler

    Probably the same difference as "go faster stripes"
  18. European hommage to best S550 model

    This is what driving is about, forgot your digitial dashes, 760 bhp, 10 speed autos, quarter mile times - give me this beautifully designed high revving V8 that immerses you in the action anyday.
  19. Mustang spoiler

    The only spoiler that I think looks any good is the GT350 version Although having an aftermarket spoiler arbitrarily fitted to the boot, without any aerodynamic calculations may have an adverse affect on your car.
  20. RHD Mach 1 Mustang Debuts at 2020 GoodWood SpeedWeek, On Sale Next Year in Europe

    Send the invoice to Ford for the missing parts