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  1. Seat Belt Retainers

    Hi. My ooops is your gain. I accidentally ordered two sets of seat belt retainers and only need one. 25 bucks shipped. They are super heavy duty and work very well.
  2. Happy New Year

    I became a first-time Mustang owner in 2023 and found this forum of like-minded enthusiasts. I'm quite thankful for the broad array of topics that are dicussed here, for the knowledge and opinions of each member and for the moderators allowing a fairly free flow of ideas. I've learned quite a...
  3. Nice experience with tool warranty replacement

    I removed the rear wheels of my mustang this afternoon to prepare for installing a Steeda STH kit. I always use a 3/8 drive ratchet with a cheater pipe on the handle to loosen my lug nuts, and this time my Craftsman ratchet expolded under the pressure. So, I called Craftsman for warranty...
  4. Directional Wheel Question

    Hi, I'm in the process of ordering a set of Vertini RFS1.9 wheels for my Mustang. They are definitely directional wheels, but I've been advised that they don't make different right and left sides. I checked photos, and sure enough, the spokes slant towards the rear on the left side and toward...
  5. Side skirt extensions or not?

    Hi, I recently installed Flow Designs front and rear splitters/diffusers on my GT/CS. I'm looking for your opinion about adding side skirt extensions. Let the Forum decide! Thanks!
  6. Odd plastic piece under my 23 GT/CS....

    I found this curious plastic piece sort of partially hanging in space under my car. What's it for and should I remove it?
  7. Flow Designs Products

    Greetings Brothers and Sisters! I've been exploring various products to tastefully customize my new 2023 DMG GT/CS. I'm a fairly particular old fart and it takes a darned good product to gain my support. Flow Designs has done just that! I've installed front and rear splitters made by FD. Their...
  8. 15-17 Radiator Cover Extensions on a 23?

    Ok, I have definitively answered this question! Yes, the 15-17 radiator cover extensions can easily be modified to fit an 18-23. You need to drill a new hole for the hood stop bumper on the passenger side (and cap the existing one), and cut out an area for the hood prop on the driver's side...
  9. 2023 GT/CS Auto Rear Gear Ratio?

    Greetings, Getting familiar with my Forscan, I noticed that my rear ratio is set to 3.55. But, Ford says that a GT/CS 10R80 is built with a 3.15 rear. How can I tell which is correct? CH