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  1. Will the Ford Performance Oil-air separator work with Power Pack 2?

    Sorry I sold the car last year and bought a mint S2000. No cutting at all. I just jammed it in there. It was very tight. The current owned ripped everything out and went with the JLT catch can because of the stage 2 whipple supercharger kit it wouldn't fit at all.
  2. Selling car after driving it home?

    It did cross my mind. Even bought a cheap set of used snow tires on steel rims to test it. Thing handles like a champ in snow. Mustang sold this morning. I'm looking at something more rare for a garage queen. 2nd gen Viper most likely I have my eyes on before prices start going up.
  3. GT 2017 Mustang GT 300A, MT82, 19k kms

    Sold for $31k Canadian!
  4. FS: 2017 Mustang GT

  5. Selling car after driving it home?

    I think it could happen to any vehicle in that price range. I'm selling mine with only 12k miles bc I just don't drive. At all anymore. I've put 250kms on it since March.
  6. FS: 2017 Mustang GT

    Hey guys, Posted in the Mustang classifieds section. Assuming hardly anyone from Canada searches there here is the link: https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/2017-mustang-gt-300a-mt82-19k-kms.143025/
  7. GT 2017 Mustang GT 300A, MT82, 19k kms

    2017 Mustang GT 300A, 6spd MT82, rear spoiler delete, 3:55 gears w/19,000kms. Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. Car is excellent condition. Garage queen and stored winters in heated garage. Original owner. Sale includes: - Ford performance Track Pack Suspension kit - Ford performance power pack 2 -...
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  14. 2017 Mustang GT

    2017 Mustang GT

    2017 Mustang GT
  15. Coyote Mustang Canada

  16. Do you use your OEM wheels for snow tires or buy a second set?

    I bought a dirt cheap set of steel rims with Bridgestone Blizzaks ws80 for $300. Non PP car the 18x8" fit fine. They have approx 50% tread left on the rears and tested in heavy snow here North of Toronto this February. Car handles really good I could easily daily drive this thing. I did add...
  17. Clunk right before engaging 1st gear on MT-82. Is it normal?

    Another joy of our noisy MT82. I thought the exact same thing when I first got mine brand new. After 13k miles I'm used to it. Other than the noise I really do like the transmission now. Even with all its quirks.
  18. how to get rid of the tire mobility kit warning lite?

    its in the vehicle settings.
  19. Angry Neighbor Uses Expanding Foam To Silence Mustang GT's Exhaust

    On a side note since its only exhaust couldn't you just drill carefully out the foam somehow? The excess might burn off or catch fire though. Assuming it didn't expand too far into the system if it was just used in the tips. Though if there was any baffling in the mufflers the foam might of...
  20. Rear end kicking out after shifts (A10)

    Are your Sumitomos summer performance tires? I had similar issue with pzero neros on the base rims. 235 wide. I switched to PP rims and tires and the problem went away. PZero summers aren't the greatest but they hook well when warm and on dry nice days.