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  1. Chemical guys torqx swirl remover kit left haze on paint

    I agree with the to much pressure, to cure it get a good finish polish and white foam pad. Let the machine do the work with light pressure and it should polish right up for you
  2. Chemical guys torqx swirl remover kit left haze on paint

    What did you use for a pad for the polishing. VSS should polish out better than what you're showing. Although you should go over it with a finishing polish for the final buff to get that extra shine.
  3. Which car do I choose ? M1 vs 13’ GT500

    I just went from a 2020 GT PP1 to the Boss, and I definitely prefer the Boss, the tighter gearing and the rawness of the car, make it way more enjoyable to drive
  4. Short throw shifter options for a non-racer

    Other than replacing the flimsy rear Factory Shifter Bracket underneath (2 Bolts) the rest is done from above. This is for the Ford Racing Shifter whichI believe is the same as the Barton Shifter. Looks like an easy install
  5. Bored of my GT

    I would definitely go for the lower gearing, dropping to the 4.09's would be a great upgrade. I went from a 2020 GT with PP1 that had the 3.73's to a 2013 Boss 302, with 3.73 but the MT82 was definitely geared much lower. The Boss is definitely faster than the 2020 GT, as well more fun to drive...
  6. I am on the verge of selling my Mustang guys...

    Will be real sad to see you go to the other side. Although it may be a lot fun for you. Best wishes whichever way you go.
  7. The price of new tires is getting outrageous.

    I wonder how many of you remember the good old days of 18-20% interest rate of the early eighties. I remember being happy to get a mortgage for 11-12%
  8. The price of new tires is getting outrageous.

    Inflation is a world wide problem, that happens after historically low interest rates. The world's economy have been relying on low interest rates to help keep the economy growing. Sooner or later you have to pay the piper. Interest rates have never been lower than they have over the last 15-20...
  9. I hate bad old drivers.

    Yes but neither one should be on the road, if that is how they drive. I agree that distracted driving is worse.
  10. I hate bad old drivers.

    It's both gross incompetence for the driers, texting while drive is gross incompetence I don't know what to tell you. Give it a break
  11. I hate bad old drivers.

    So what's the hell is the difference if the teen texting someone rear ends you and kills someone. No difference. Your thinkings seems a little warped
  12. Ramps for DIY Oil Change

    Your arteries will thank you for that
  13. 10-12k Over Oil Change, am I screwed?

    I may consider going for longer OCI's in a daily driver, but in a vehicle with this kind of power, I prefer a much shorter interval, 5k would be my max. Oil changes are to cheap of an insurance.
  14. What are some Quality of Life addons for a new GT owner?

    +2 here on Steeda jacking rails, will probably add the Energy Suspension Mustang MT-82 Transmission Bushing Set from Steeda
  15. Need to start budget for 2024 summer tires

    What is the width of your rims
  16. Dealerships really ramping up the BS

    I am 67 and used to always change my own oil, but then we went full-time in a motorhome for 6 years to travel. Had to rely on others for my oil changes. Just started doing my own again, as I got tired of having so many places put to much oil in the vehicle. Seems like they do it right a couple...
  17. Dealerships really ramping up the BS

    Those are the dealerships that give the industry bad name. I would definitely give them a review on line and with Ford that they deserve.
  18. Continental Extreme Sport 02 compared To /Michelin Pilot Sport 4s

    I just wanted to thank everyone for there input, it was really helpful, I have decided to go with the Continental Extreme Contact Sport 02. The extra savings was the deciding factor, with most saying the 2 makes were pretty even
  19. Continental Extreme Sport 02 compared To /Michelin Pilot Sport 4s

    I must say I am really glad I asked about these tires, you guys have been really helpful. The biggest surprise is the difference in Tread width. I wouldn't even have thought about that. Especially on the front tires. The ESCS02 tire in the 265 width is still .3" narrower than the MSPS4 in the...