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  1. Idaho Sync 3 8" upgrade kit with NAV and Satellite Radio

    for the Sync 1 to Sync 3 conversion for the 15-18 MY cars you need an adapter, like this one on Ebay
  2. Idaho Sync 3 8" upgrade kit with NAV and Satellite Radio

    Yeah it's still available. I have it ready to ship. Feel free to DM me any questions you may have.
  3. Goodbye Guys

    This ain't an airport, you don't have to announce your departure 😝 Just playin' man, enjoy the new ride it's a beauty
  4. a HORRIBLE nightmare

    The S650-hate is pretty ridiculous. Just like the S197 fanboys, the “S550 is peak Mustang” crowd will hold onto their misguided opinions until they wise up or die off.
  5. 2019 and 2020 4" to 8" Screen Upgrade + Drive Mode Toggle Switch Enable Writeup

    @DDLMfamspam If you’re still looking for an upgrade kit I have one up for sale here on the forum. Comes with everything you need https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/sync-3-8-upgrade-kit-with-nav-and-satellite-radio.191469/
  6. Battery dead?

    It’s possible that the battery is bad, no?
  7. S550 Mustang Passenger Door

    Take it to a city dump or transfer station
  8. Woke up to this!

    😲 Ouch!! What was in that tote, a sack of bowling balls??? Sorry for your loss 🪦
  9. Idaho Sync 3 8" upgrade kit with NAV and Satellite Radio

    Sync 3 (with v3.4 software installed) 8" upgrade kit with NAV - $900 OBO + shipping Includes: * 8" screen & APIM (No Scratches!) * Bezel * ACM Module * GPS antenna * USB Hub and wires - works for Apple CarPlay Before I sold my car I had installed this in my 2019 Mustang GT and it worked...
  10. Floor Jack Clearance Issue

    The pinch welds look like hell to start with, don’t worry about marring it with a rubber jack pad ;-)
  11. Floor Jack Clearance Issue

    ☝️I should have gone with a QuickJack to start with. I’m still thinking about getting one someday
  12. Floor Jack Clearance Issue

    I have the Daytona LP jack, it’s great! Very heavy duty and fits easily under the car. I have jacking rails and definitely recommend them, but you can use jack pads to protect the pinch weld if you’re worried about it and don’t want to mess with rails. The nice thing about rails is you can lift...
  13. Delusions of grandeur

    You should do that, film it and post the video result here! Genuinely interested in seeing how it would go
  14. $150 H-pipe resonator delete vs $300 H-pipe

    I've got that Roush H-pipe, it sounds good. I took it off after about 200 miles or so and sold the car so if you're interested in a "slightly used but like new" res delete, let me know. I also have a Roush cat-back with x-pipe I need to sell. It's not doing anyone any good in storage. Ps. I...
  15. Horn button issue?

    I’m teasing, but resurrecting old threads is a peeve for many around here. These guys appear to have had their horns fixed/replaced under warranty. You’ve modified your steering wheel so good luck getting warranty work. But for real, you probably need a new clock spring
  16. Horn button issue?

    Dude this is a 4 year old thread. Show some respect for the dead, willya? 😆
  17. 🏁 Official: 2025 Mustang GTD Revealed! 800+ HP, Pushrod Suspension, $300K MSRP

    Don’t worry everyone, Stangmode will get one and we can watch him wrap it in some shade of fuchsia, call it the Pink Mamba, try to mod/tune it somehow and subsequently blow up the engine.