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  1. Confused about aftermarket lug nuts

    I'm looking for replacement lug nuts for my GT30. I know most people mention the Gorilla lug nuts. I want to get chrome, not black. I see these on CJ Pony https://www.cjponyparts.com/gorilla-lug-nut-kit-20-chrome-mustang/p/WHLLN120/ But they look longer than the stock ones. And then I see these...
  2. Just ordered MPSS tires from Discount Tires

    Been looking for the last 2-3 months for a set of Michellin Pilot Super Sports for my GT350. Between Tire Rack and Discount Tire, they've been either completely out of stock on both sizes, or out of one size. I won't need the tires until Oct/Nov when the car gets put away for the Winter. But...
  3. Getting near that depressing time of year-Winter storage

    In another month, it'll be that time to put away the car for a 3-4 month winter storage. How totally depressing. :crying: I've only had my car for just under a year now. Bought it last Dec., drove for 2 weeks, then put it away. So I never fully got to experience the car before storing it. But...
  4. Any good cruising roads on Long Island, NY?

    I know I may be asking the impossible, but I'm looking for some good winding backroads on LI to go cruising on. Everytime I go somewhere, I'm constantly stuck in traffic. Just no fun with a high perfomance, manual transmission car. Anyone local have any suggestions?
  5. Tire Dressings-which ones?

    Looking for a good tire shine/dressing that won't fling off, and will last for awhile. Any recommendations?
  6. Clutch pedal extension

    I'm now considering this for my car. ACCELATEC PCS68 Mustang Clutch Pedal Extension 1994-2021| CJ Pony Parts I'm 5' 4", short legs, and if I adjust the seat for comfortable reach on gas and brake, I'm stretching my left leg to fully depress the clutch. And it causes jerky clutch release. And...
  7. How do I use Line Lock?

    Been trying this in my new 2019 GT350, but I can't seem to get it to work. I've read all the manuals, seen all the videos, but it keeps going back to "see owners manual" screen. I keep my foot pressed on the brake continously when it says to do so, but I never hear it lock. Do you have to be in...