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  1. 18-19 recaro in 15-17

    I would do that, but his car was in a accident and we just swapped seats so he could put seats back in his before insurance took the car away. So car is gone already with the seats. why I said I was screwed LOL
  2. 18-19 recaro in 15-17

    Thanks but I screwed up and the stock seats are gone
  3. 18-19 recaro in 15-17

    Bringing this back up, I have a similar situation except I swapped my heated/cooled seats for a 15-17 Recaro and put into my 15 and my airbag light is still on.
  4. Mach 1 bumper on Gen 2

    Thanks! Front - 19X10 285/30 & Rear - 19x11 325/30
  5. Mach 1 bumper on Gen 2

    Thanks! Love the Project6GR wheels, my favorite mod so far.
  6. Mach 1 bumper on Gen 2

    Naw not OEM from a company called triple seven, body shop said the fitment was a challenge but they ended up making it work. Thanks!
  7. Mach 1 bumper on Gen 2

    Thanks! Had the opportunity to replace the bumper and thought why not give the Mach 1 bumper a try. I agree it doesn't look bad on the gen2.
  8. Mach 1 bumper on Gen 2

    Finally got around to having my Mach 1 bumper installed after roadkill destroyed my last bumper. Body shop said the fitment was not the greatest but made it work. Next step is PPF film on the bumper to preserve it long term.
  9. Engine splash guard help

    Agreed, also feels is gives the front bumper more rigidity, which is needed at speeds. Ask me how I know. You bumper will start flopping around :crackup:
  10. First S550/2015+ Mustang on BBS E88s?

    I like it! you might be the 1st with that wheel setup. Do you have any more pics of the car panned further back?
  11. What is the single best performance suspension mod you have done

    I did springs/shocks same time but I would have to say, KONI yellows and Eibach lowering springs. Car didn't feel floaty at highway speeds and felt more stable.
  12. Next Car?

    what color interior you go with? I seen a guy a few weeks back with a similar color with what looked to be orange interior.
  13. Next Car?

    I've honestly been checking out the 2014 Camaro Z/28. Next car has to be very performance oriented and something rare to keep me interested for a long time. I think the Z/28 checks those boxes
  14. Next Car?

    Beautiful M car!
  15. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Added an APR splitter, next question is add the rods or not? The splitter is mounted to the frame with self tapping screws, so the rigidity should be there I assume.
  16. Future alternatives to S650

    I'll be keeping my GT and adding a 911 or GTR to the stable. This way the V8 rumble and 6 speed is still around.
  17. Any Recommended shop to install MGW short throw shifter

    Mines should be installed within the next week or so. Which version did you get? How does the 1 lbs shift knob make a difference shifting?
  18. Poll: Where do you get your oil changed?

    I normally try not to get caught up in the branding. I choose 1 good oil and stick with it for the life of the vehicle.
  19. Poll: Where do you get your oil changed?

    I normally take mine to my buddy that works at a shop. Have the peace of mind taking it to a friend and can get under the car and see whats going on for myself and helping my buddy out by paying him a couple bucks. How do you guys feel about Motul oil? A guy at the track recommended that when...
  20. Autocross

    I've done a few events myself and always have a great time. 1st half of the day I had in track mode to just feel the car out and how it reacts to my inputs. 2nd half I turned advanced track off and let her rip, at that point I realized when all the nannies are off they are not truly off unless...