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  1. Missing wheel well duct/clip piece

    I was walking back to my car earlier when I noticed on the passenger side, my wheel well lining looked loose. The first pic is my driver side to show how it should look, the 2nd pic is what’s missing. Does anyone know where I can find this little piece and specific clip for it? Looks like a...
  2. So I had my PP1 weighed on a CAT Scale…

    My car is a PP1 with every single option except magnaride and the 2nd pic is for context on how much gas I had in the tank during the weigh in
  3. Forscan - Halt and Disable Adaptive Learning Transmission Options

    I just cleared the adaptive learning transmission tables on my car but noticed there’s options to halt, pause, and stop the use of adaptive transmission. Has any ever tried the halt or disable options? Couldn’t find much online.
  4. 10 speed shifts hard into 5th

    I have a 2020 GT 10R80 with just under 5600 miles. In normal mode during low-throttle driving, when the car skip shifts from 3rd to 5th, it’s always rough and lurches me forward. I noticed the more gas I give it the less harsh it is, but unacceptable for low speed situations. I know there are a...
  5. Will a 93 tune on A10 make a big difference in 60-130 time?

    I have a PP1 10 speed (3.55 gears) with Steeda H pipe, my only “mod” to it. I’m looking at doing just a 93 octane tune in the future. Would doing just this make a noticeable difference in performance for doing rolls?
  6. Lug nut covers for PP1 wheels?

    Has anyone put lug nut covers on their PP1 wheels? I justwant to get some that’ll fit properly. I’ve had both covers and aftermarket lugs before and prefer the covers
  7. Low beams stay on 24/7 with “automatic headlights” mode selected

    When I’m driving, my low beams are on 24/7 along with the DRL’s no matter time of day it is. I want just the DRL’s on so my car can look normal like pretty much every other 18+ Mustang I see on the road. My question is toggling off “daytime lights” in this menu fix this and still turn on...
  8. Horrible CarPlay connectivity in 2020 Mustang with Sync 3.4

    CarPlay connectivity has been a complete joke on my 2020 with Sync 3.4 CarPlay only connects properly on start up maybe 50% of the time. The other times I HAVE to do a soft reset with the two radio radio buttons for it to work. It connects 100% of the time I also did a master reset, seems like...