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  1. Mustang Monday Shoutout!!!

    Very happy to show it off. And thank you for the decal.
  2. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Added the "Shelby" windows graphic, courtesy of BigWormGraphix.com https://bigwormgraphix.com/2005-2023-mustang-shelby-lettering-for-front-window/?fbclid=IwAR0SyqjQYFhXPiCcuyVhCdNDd807VHZTYnEAGksjqyGASI96Eu0tfil3W4s and their giveaway a few months back.
  3. GIVING away a FREE Windshield Graphic

    Finally got good enough weather to add the decal. Thanks.
  4. Car started SMOKING, then bucking a little, now wrench light...

    As for the dipstick, I'm guessing the car is very low on oil. If it wasn't, then at least the lower hole of the dipstick should have oil in it. Guessing why only one side has oil showing, is that there's some oil in the dipstick tube, that rubbing off on the dipstick as you pull it out. The oil...
  5. New Tires (MPSS) 100Y vs 104Y

    That is the correct rating for the MPSS for our car. The fronts are 100Y, and the rear are 102Y. That is what I put on after I got 11K out of the MPSC2's. Don't even give it a second thought. Get the MPSS. You'll save money, reduce the tramlining, and get more mileage out of them. And you'll...
  6. Car is dead but front signals are blinking

    There's your answer. If you do not lock the doors, the car is always active in a state of readiness waiting for the ignition start. If you've been doing this all along since you've had the car, you've been slowly weakening the battery. This time it finally become too weak to function. Always...
  7. Which Ford Extended Warranty to go with?

    First, you can buy online at substantial savings. I believe Lombard Ford will issue a warranty on a used car, after a vehicle inspection, but others I'm sure will verify which dealers offer it. And for the price of buying it locally or at a physical dealer, you can get the Premium plan for more...
  8. Alignment recommendations in the GT350 supplement

    Well first, the 2018's had Super Sports as their OEM tire. Then in 2019 the OEM tires were changed to the SC2's. So that's the obvious reason for the difference from the 2018's. And just guessing here, by 2020, they tweaked the alignment settngs for what worked best for the SC2's.
  9. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Surprised you think the Super Sports are good for only 10K. My original Sport Cup 2's were changed at 11K, and still had a little life left. Replaced with the Super Sports, and hoping to get near 30K out of them. Do you track your car? The wear on your tires edge might be because of bad wheel...
  10. Car Cover challenges

    My car sits outside covered all year. For the past 3 years I've used the OEM cover. Never a problem through rain and winter snow. Yes, I wait until dried before removing. I just recently purchased the Covercraft weathershield HP cover. It's one of their best outdoor covers, but it's not much...
  11. Steering issues - Who do you trust with your GT350 in the Asheville/Western NC Area?

    Glad to hear that my experience at Randy Marion Ford wasn't just a one time fluke. I'm still amazed at their service, especially as I come from NY, and such service here is not the norm.
  12. How do you go about getting a new GT350 gen 2 VooDoo engine?

    If I understand correctly, in 500 miles your car's engine consumed 1/4qt(8oz) of oil. I personally think that's a lot. My car is lucky if I loose 3-4oz every year(5k-6kmiles), and that's through emptying the oil seperator.
  13. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Took the car out first time after it's winter nap. Temps hit 60. Felt good to hear that exhaust again.
  14. GT350R

    I would concur at that price. Unless it was involved in an accident.
  15. Ford extended warranty questions.

    I know with Flood, if you have an ESP about to expire, you can extend it. It's basically buying an ESP for a used car. But they only do it through the phone. So call them about getting a warranty for your car. They probably do it, but only over the phone.
  16. New 350R HEP owner in NY

    Congrats, and looking foward to seeing you at some of the car shows here on LI. Some good ones here, along with some all Ford/Mustang shows.
  17. Questioning Gen 2 voodoo reliability

    Many will not agree with what I'm about to say, but I'll state my opinion anyway. I dont see the GT350 as a daily driver. Mine is a 2nd vehicle, for those days when I can take it out and enjoy most of what it has to offer. But anytime I'm driving it around town, and am caught up in the daily...
  18. New Shelby GT350 For Sale

    The only place for sure is the Mecum or Barret Jackson auctions. If money is no object, and it would have to be, for a car that was last made in 2020 and never driven.
  19. Voltage dropping

    Why wouldn't it be the alternator? If it's not putting out enough voltage, you're not going to get enough voltage for the coil packs, the ECU will not work properly, etc.
  20. Steering issues - Who do you trust with your GT350 in the Asheville/Western NC Area?

    Glad you got that same great first impression that I got for just a simple tire repair. These guys are also so upstanding, that even when I offered to give the service tech a $50 tip for bailing me out of a tight spot, they refused to take it. I even went back the next morning to tell the...