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  1. Missouri SCT BDX 2018 up Mustang

    SCT BDX unlocked like new. Uses wifi to receive tunes. All SCT canned tunes. For 2018 Mustang GT’s and up. $220 Paypal to me net (fees paid) shipped Priority mail Conus only.
  2. Installing Quad Super 88’s turbo’s need help

    Any install directions on an 18 GT? Custom Thor Z Juggernaut kit from Badass Motorsports out of Tenbucktwo Mississippi. Supposed to make 6000 hp on built motor. Having trouble installing this custom grade 5 Titanium rotating assembly in the new custom sleeved Tungsten block. Any help...
  3. Interesting A10 behavior today

    Took off today from a stop next to a buddy in other lane. I went wot in drag mode after about 15 feet from stop. The car immediately broke traction in 1st and basically spun into top of third very quickly. No axle hop or drama and car tracked straight as an arrow spinning the tires 1-3. At the...
  4. Gen 3 Coyote (18 up GT) Failures Non Boosted/Nitrous

    Ok, I am actually tired of all the bad press caused by current and earlier drama queens bailing due to ticking and or rattle. Who has experienced actual engine failure on stock or aftermarket tuning?? Blown motors. No boost (supercharger, turbo, nitrous) scenarios please. It has been almost 2.5...
  5. My 18 GT has caught Covid-19!!!

    Fucker is puking and coughing all over my garage?? What do I do...? ;).
  6. Decent deal on 275/40/19 Firehawks...

    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F174151939507 FYI, For 2 tires.
  7. Gen3 Coyote intake comparison Hotrod

    Almost a year old but good article. This article engine dyno’s the 18 manifold versus the GT350, Boss 302, and revised Cobra Jet. Enjoy. Popcorn... ;). https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.hotrod.com/articles/dyno-every-ford-coyote-intake-manifold-on-gen-3-crate/amp/
  8. Road course/Autocross peeps running E85 tuning?

    How many people besides the straight line crowd are using E85 tuning? Do not hear many people talking about it in this area.
  9. Evolution of the Coyote engine

    Boom. Great article. https://www.hotrod.com/articles/depth-look-evolution-coyote-engine/?cks=420423350&emailid=FP_FASTNEWS
  10. Forza 4 Horizon

    So...we picked up an new Xbox system for my 11 year old son for Xmas. My add on was the newest Forza Horizon game. Dying to play it, but will have to wait until end of year. I’m coming from the entire Grand Turismo play station 1-6. Decided to give Xbox a try. Any feedback on Forza which has...
  11. Early morning weekend drives

    Who else likes to get out early when it’s cooler and less activity on the roads? Just took a nice hour drive in a rural country side with sun coming up. Feel like a million bucks!
  12. GPE venturi ported 88mm TB 18/19 GT

    Updated 8-18 Just received package from Joe at GPE (Gigs Performance Engineering). He was very helpful and responded to all my questions. Wanted to start a separate thread of my review on this TB. It is a new/takeoff that he hand ports “venturi” style from 80mm to 88mm. I just installed on car...
  13. Gig’s Performance Engineering ported TB’s

    Anyone try one of these on a 15-19 GT? I know Bret Barber is popular around here. These are hand ported venturi style to 88mm and have a modified throttle shaft to remove another 4mm of material off the blade. Claim no tuning nor affect on idle rpm. These are $289 shipped with a new take off Tb...
  14. 7m Americans 90 days late on car payments...

    https://www.foxbusiness.com/economy/7m-americans-behind-on-auto-loan-payments How many s550 owners in this group?
  15. Missouri FS: 2015 Corvette C7 Stringray LT2

    Super clean, one owner, shark grey w/ black interior. This one has less than 6k miles and still smells brand new. Original list over 67k with no accidents. PM for more information. Car located SW Missouri. $46,500
  16. Nitrous plus E85 question.

    Anybody running the E plus nitrous? I would more seriously look at this option if I could stay on the E with the nitrous tuning. 100-150 shot wet. Driving around in sackless pump/spray tune (normal driving) does not appeal to me. Thanks
  17. Lucas Safeguard Ethanol

    Anybody running the corn try this product? Got for $6.73 shipped to my door off Ebay. Treats 80 gallons.
  18. 2018 up SCT BDX update

    I have noticed over past couple weeks 3 separate multi file updates coming through on my BDX. Today was an 8 file one. Anyone with BDX especially with any driveability issues stay on top of updates. Fyi.
  19. First pass in 18 GT a10

    on Saturday. Temps should be 60-63 degrees and dry. I wish I could run stock tune, but not possible with E85 in the tank. Tune only (corn) with oem paper filter. Track is 1500’ above sea level. What psi in the 275 ps4’s? Hoping to stick this in the 11’s out of the gate. Wish me luck... ;).
  20. Damn, I love this 18 GT PP A10!

    I read enough complaints and bitching around here (some are understandable) so I thought giving the more positive perspective is in order. First off, it is not a perfect car. What...? Say what? No car is perfect nor will ever stay perfect for long if it is driven. But, G Damn when dropping...