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  1. Illinois FS: Convertible Windscreen

    Summer is coming!
  2. Illinois FS: Convertible Windscreen

    Still available.
  3. Illinois FS: Convertible Windscreen

    Thanks for the endorsement! Yes, it was a huge difference. Well worth the investment.
  4. Illinois FS: Convertible Windscreen

    Hi, Sold my mustang and have this left over. It's an Audi windscreen, which fits perfectly in the s550 mustang (see thread in the convertible forum). It's in perfect condition and comes with the bag. Selling for $200 shipped. Thanks for looking!
  5. Illinois 2018 Mustang GT Convertible Premium - 6MT

    Sold. Thanks all.
  6. Illinois 2018 Mustang GT Convertible Premium - 6MT

    Thank you! I appreciate that.
  7. Illinois 2018 Mustang GT Convertible Premium - 6MT

    Available is a 2018 Mustang GT Premium Convertible. Paint is orange fury and currently has 42,900 miles. It has a 6 speed manual transmission and runs perfectly. I bought the car stock and added several modifcations to it, as listed below. All modifications were done in 2023 and the idea was...
  8. Illinois FS: Shadow black PP2 spoiler - modified for no drill installation

    I'd have to see what shipping would cost. If it's more than usa I'd need to charge the difference. Can you please pm me your address and I'll run an estimate.
  9. Did something stupid...put 6 gallons of E85 in my Mustang with stock Ford Performance Power kit tune

    Interesting thread. I have the fp power kit installed, and usually run straight 93. I may toss 2.5 -3 gallons of e85 in and see if I notice a difference....
  10. Illinois FS: Shadow black PP2 spoiler - modified for no drill installation

    I modified the spoiler to make it no drill and sticks on with just double sided tape. Will require old tape to be removed and new tape to be applied (not included). Color is shadow black. Fits both coupes and convertibles. $50 shipped. Located in Algonquin, IL for local pickup. Thanks for...
  11. Threadlocker for spoiler install?

    I think I should just run as is for a few months, see if it loosens at all, and if it does, then do something. I'd hate to remove them and cause an issue. PS. Knowing me I probably went a bit over tight.
  12. Threadlocker for spoiler install?

    More reason why maybe I should leave as is??
  13. Threadlocker for spoiler install?

    Thanks. Yeah I can go back and do it I suppose but just a little bit of a pita lol.
  14. Threadlocker for spoiler install?

    Hi All, Just replaced my PP2 spoiler (that I made no drill) with a track pack spoiler. The new spoiler did require I drill holes and mount via bolts. There's six bolts total. I already installed but now wonder if I should have used some loctite or something to keep them secure? Should I go...