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  1. Best Clutch for HPDE and Open track days?

    I put in a Mcleod RST and lightened steel flywheel in 2019 and have already roasted it. It lasted ~6000 miles including 10 track days. It's possible I had some air in the clutch line. I was bleeding the brakes between every track day but not draining and re-bleeding the clutch line. I've been...
  2. Michigan Track set of 19x10 M350 gloss black wheels with RE-71r 285

    Used road course wheel/tire setup. $1000 obo gloss black 19x10 MRR M350 wheels. The wheels are in good shape. NO CURBing, just some light surface scratches. Tires have 6 HPDE track days on them but I just had them rotated so the good meat is on the outside. The tires are RE-71R SQUARE...
  3. Just got an nGauge, what do all these different PID signals mean?

    I've been trying to a list on our wonderful forum explaining all the PID signals you can view as gauges in the nGauge device. I feel like that's a GREAT thing to stick on this section. From looking around the forum I've found: LAMBDA1 (& LAMBDA2 is the other side's front O2): are a different...
  4. Michigan SCT X4 tuner

    Selling an unmarried SCT X4 tuner with 5 unlocks left. It's Model 7015. The tuner works perfectly. I just switched to an nGauge. I just ran all the updates on it. You'll have to get your own tune for your car to use with this. Asking 200.00 OBO plus shipping and PayPal fees of 3% (or friends)
  5. GT SOLD: UPR catch cans black, both sides included

    $200 + shipping for all this. The driver side can was meant for the gt350 (or gt350 style intake, I used it with the gt350-JLT) but I bet it will work with lots of other intakes... might just need a different length hose.
  6. Michigan SOLD Innovators West Balancer 6-rib Standard diameter, used

    This innovator's west balancer was on my GT for about 3000 miles (3 years). It's in alright shape and comes with an ARP Bolt. Asking $300 + Shipping OBO
  7. Motor trouble at Gingerman

    My 3rd OTD and I blew the motor. Track night in America at Gingerman. Motor coughed up a lot of oil out the intake. After it cooled down it would not restart. Towed home 3 hours. :crying: Blown piston Rings maybe? The car (2015 GT PP - MT6) has 12,000 miles. - GT350 JLT - GT350 Throttle...
  8. Did they seriously Spray Foam the IRS?

    I was just looking at Full Tilt Boogie Racing's website cause I want their diff cooler kit. I happened to notice something in their install photos. Something, to my knowledge, has not been discussed here. It looks like they filled the insides of their IRS with SPRAY FOAM INSULATION!!! The stuff...
  9. FS: JLT CAI Used

    Used JLT Cold Air Intake for 2015-2017 GT, Red filter, about 7,000 miles on it. MAF Screws & firewall plug (for sound tube delete) included. $200 shipped lower 48 usa, PayPal A tune is required for this intake.
  10. FS: BMR SP080 - Performance Lowering Springs, Set Of 4

    FS: BMR SP080 - Performance Lowering Springs, Set Of 4 I had Eibach Pro kit springs on my GT-PP and tried these because I wanted a smoother ride. Had these BMR springs on the car for only ~150 miles or so. I ended up switching back to the Eibachs because I missed the race-car cornering. Metro...
  11. Can you admins add instagram embed ?

    Since instagram is such a popular place now for photos and videos can we get embedding activated on our forum? I found some info on it here: https://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=303936
  12. tevaburns Magnetic GT/PP - VADER

    My first Mustang and the first car I ever custom ordered. I took delivery in April of 2015 and had a garage full or parts waiting for it. Performance Pack GT Premium in Magnetic with the Saddle Brown interior. 2020 Pics: Misc Mods: - Matte black Emblems from UPR - Tint: 50 windshield, 35...
  13. Debadge - Rebadge: Comprehensive Emblem Info

    Hey guy, bits of the following are peppered all over our forum but I wanted to get it collected in one post. So you have a S550 Mustang and you want to remove or change the emblems? I replaced all of mine with Matte Black emblems from UPR. All the UPR emblems come with double sided adhesive...
  14. Parking Brake warning light

    Hey guys, I'm experiencing the warning light coming on randomly for the hand brake when driving. I'm sure it's fully disengaged. If I push down on the handle the light goes away, lift and if comes back accompanied by the warning notification in on the dash center-screen. Anyone know how to...