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  1. I just made a video of water pouring into my car during car wash. How do I fix this ?

    An old bookmark of mine.. https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/sound-tube-delete-completed.115941/post-2438701 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000C5E4O6/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_0n5pCbVBNDB6G
  2. Final 2022 GT500 in Production

    I’m showing 3.25% in Voodoo, 1.9% on Coyote. What do you have over there?
  3. Final 2022 GT500 in Production

    Oh please - you can spend 10 minutes in the GT350 section and find threads of forum members having issues. There’s no doubt the Coyote is a more durable option.
  4. Final 2022 GT500 in Production

    Absolutely - Just Ford capitalizing on everyones new found passion for the Mach 1 name after threatening to slap it on an EV... and anything to get out from under all those warranty Voodoo engine replacements.
  5. Tire Air Valve cap keeps coming off!

    Wrap some teflon tape on the thread first then cap it?
  6. Iowa Free 2016 Stock Suspension - Des Moines

    I'll probably wait this post out a little while and see if someone local wants to pick them up. (just a few days, not months) Otherwise, I could ship them if you aren't in a hurry. It'll take me a bit to find suitable packing materials for these..
  7. Spacers on stock 20 in wheels.

    I also don't have the fancy MagneRide suspension.. I think you'll need to trim the front on a MagneRide car.
  8. Spacers on stock 20 in wheels.

    No trimming necessary. These are 2016 versions of the 20" wheels. I think the specs and pockets are the same on the 2021's
  9. Spacers on stock 20 in wheels.

    These are the Steeda 20mm spacers I used on the rear. https://www.steeda.com/steeda-s550-wheel-spacer-555-6610 My fronts are technically 1" spacers (25.4mm).
  10. Spacers on stock 20 in wheels.

    I just put Steeda Spacers, 25F 20R, on my car with factory 20" Foundry Wheels. It looks nice although I feel like I should have gone 20 front and rear. I still need to get an alignment, camber correct from the new springs, but I don't think that's going to help on the front at all..

    These cars will never be like the 69s and 70s you see on TV. They simply made too many of them. With that said, I do believe GT350/R is the pinnacle of Mustang. The most revered cars in history were the right car at the right time.. and the GT350/R was certainly that. Greater than Chevy, Dodge...
  12. Sound tube

    If you decide to take it off, there's a nut that bolts it to the firewall. You can get easier access to this from the front left wheel well... wish I knew that when I took mine off!
  13. Sound tube

    Short answer, it pipes noise into the cabin for no reason. Rip it out, cap the ends, but don't expect any gains...
  14. Have another seat, this keeps getting better....

    I dunno, some people paid $10k for stripes so maybe the prices are accurate...
  15. My first 100 mile trip. Here's what bothers me.

    Too lazy to check that set, but metric deep well sockets, 250 ft-lbs torque wrench and a 4 lbs sledge are odd things you'll need to do the springs. I've worked on a lot of cars and I've never seen this much loctite used... you will NOT be taking anything out by hand. Ratchet ratchet ratchet...
  16. My first 100 mile trip. Here's what bothers me.

    Also, is the Carvana link for your car still active?
  17. My first 100 mile trip. Here's what bothers me.

    Do you have an open airbox installed? I never heard turbo like sucking sounds on my car until after I installed the FRPP Level 2. I really only hear it under 4k rpm.
  18. For Sale Used 2020 Shelby GT500 Carbon Fiber Track Package

    Nothing like double-dippin' on that ADM.