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  1. Best Clutch for HPDE and Open track days?

    Drain fluid from the clutch line & reservoir, refill with new fluid. Bleed clutch with vacuum applied to reservoir. This might help for now. WHen you replace your clutch replace the throw-out bearing too.
  2. Tire recommendation for HPDE

  3. Tire recommendation for HPDE

    I just switched to RT660's and have run 2 track days on them. Insane grip, an improvement over the RE71R I used the last 2 years. Friendly reminder that SUPER sticky rubber is paired well with a baffled oil pan.
  4. Best Clutch for HPDE and Open track days?

    I put in a Mcleod RST and lightened steel flywheel in 2019 and have already roasted it. It lasted ~6000 miles including 10 track days. It's possible I had some air in the clutch line. I was bleeding the brakes between every track day but not draining and re-bleeding the clutch line. I've been...
  5. S550 Lap Times (Road Course)

    2015 Mustang GT - PP Track/Course: Waterford Hills Best Lap Time: 1:16.56 Brake Pads: Hawk HP+ Tires (Size & Model): 305/30/19, Falken RT660 Suspension: ford performance blue shocks, eibach prokit springs Other Mods: 19x11 nes Forged Wheels, APR GTC-200 wing, e85, stage 2 cams, ported heads, etc
  6. Michigan Track set of 19x10 M350 gloss black wheels with RE-71r 285

    I don't think I can get away from work anytime soon man. :(
  7. Michigan Track set of 19x10 M350 gloss black wheels with RE-71r 285

    Used road course wheel/tire setup. $1000 obo gloss black 19x10 MRR M350 wheels. The wheels are in good shape. NO CURBing, just some light surface scratches. Tires have 6 HPDE track days on them but I just had them rotated so the good meat is on the outside. The tires are RE-71R SQUARE...
  8. tevaburns Magnetic GT/PP - VADER

    New track wheels and tires on! 305’s fit up front. The grip is INSANE on these RT660’s.
  9. tevaburns Magnetic GT/PP - VADER

    Yeah man, with a spacer and 3 degrees of neg camber (which you want for road course anyway).
  10. tevaburns Magnetic GT/PP - VADER

    I just received my set of custom NES forged fg-08 wheels, brushed-tinted. They are 19x11 and I'll be running a 305 square setup.
  11. tevaburns Magnetic GT/PP - VADER

    I talked my dad, a lifelong car addict, into running his first road course track day in his stock Audi A4 at Waterford hills. I asked him if he had fun? And he said, “It was instructive.”
  12. Forced Induction MPG City and Highway

    I run NA but have a built gen2 coyote with ported heads, cams, etc. I run E85 on road courses and routinely see 5.7mpg on said track days (and about 13mpg around town). I take 4 5gallon jugs of corn with me.
  13. 2015 blue smoke on decel and hard accel

    What year and what engine size do you have?
  14. Clutch/brake pedal assembly removal

    I reused mine and they have been perfectly fine.
  15. @R8CEHORSE OEM+ Track Build

    I know you do OTD's a lot Todd, some are afraid of running spacers upfront on track. Have you ever had any issues? I know long front studs are required, as well as more camber. Are any other mods required for front clearance? Do you also torque the front extra high?
  16. @R8CEHORSE OEM+ Track Build

    Hey man, what are the specs on your MRR FS06 square 305 setup? Is it rotatable? What spacer are you running up front? Thanks for all the amazing content.
  17. tevaburns Magnetic GT/PP - VADER

    Just experienced my first track day at Grattan raceway just north of Grand Rapids, MI. I had a wonderful time. Grattan is an amazing and challenging track with lots of elevation changes and every turn has its own personality. My run group had 911 GT3's and a McLaren 600LT. I was passed every...