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  1. Continental Extreme Sport 02 compared To /Michelin Pilot Sport 4s

    I am going to have to get some new tires in the spring, and have seen some favourable comments on the Continental Extreme Sport 02. They are definitely a better price, so was wanting to hear comments from people who have had both and there thoughts on them. Is it worth the money savings to go...
  2. Bugs on Radiator

    Was curious what if anything you guys are doing to keep bugs from clogging up the rad or are you doing anything to wash them off. I would think it could get fairly clogged before the end of summer
  3. Dog Rides in Back

    I haven't had the chance yet cause of the weather to see how my 90 lb Black Lab would do in the back of our new GT. Was wondering how big of pets you guys have riding in the back, Thanks Trap
  4. Mustang's new Stable

    Pretty much finally got my garage finished. Have a couple more little jobs like indoor / outdoor carpet on the stairs (having trouble finding it right now) The car likes it.
  5. Michelin Pilot 4S Tires

    I have a 2020 Mustang Premium GT with the PP1. That comes witht he Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tires (255/275 - 40 on 19" Rims) The door sticker says 32 PSI. Since it's still pretty cold up here and I'm not driving in the cold ugly weather (-38 this morning). I am interested to hear what tire...