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  1. Accessing the fire wall sound hole from the driver foot well

    This hole is exactly behind the gas pedal assembly. You can pull the wires through it without even taking the pedal off, or take the pedall unit off (which is just a few nuts). Use a flashlight from motor side and you will see the light inside))
  2. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    Pull the filter? 😆
  3. How do you no-trailer guys handle the logistics of a breakdown at the track?

    Next time out is a full rain day tomorrow at the "fastest average speed track in North America", but I knocked on wood :crazy:
  4. Q about front spacers

    OPMustang is the best source both for high quality slip on spacers and lug nuts, as well as assembled hubs. Directly represented on this forum with exceptional customer service level. To those who advocate for bolt-on garbage, please use it as you want, but don't spread a bad advise that they...
  5. How do you no-trailer guys handle the logistics of a breakdown at the track?

    Uhaul truck and trailer are all great as long as the car can drive itself onto it. But then you likely don't need to evacuate it with a tow truck. If it's a mess like vette on the picture or you had an engine failure, you need one with integrated winch.
  6. First disaster - snapped hood bolt

    I don't see any benefit in trying to torque this to a certain spec. I just used very small 1/4 ratchet with careful hand torque. Those bolts are idiotic.
  7. How do you no-trailer guys handle the logistics of a breakdown at the track?

    Kind of what I've heard. I see few smashed cars sitting there every time I visit it. I think at the very least they also allow to store them there, but that is just my speculation.
  8. How do you no-trailer guys handle the logistics of a breakdown at the track?

    Been handling this by not running into a wall so far 😆 . A trailer with a winch is the only real answer in my opinion. WGI has a special parking lot for crashed cars and keeps it there until you sort out track related repair costs.
  9. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    If you don't plan on ever returning it back to stock, then imo cut the hood you already have. I wanted to preserve mine, so I did exactly that - bought a takeoff hood, cut and wrapped it. Also, think about this - do you have space to store the original hood?
  10. Front Splitter Extension Canards with Air Channels

    Thank you, if you can share the pictures of end result once you have them installed, that would be awesome. They don't have good pictures there.
  11. Front Splitter Extension Canards with Air Channels

    Yes, I know what they are. My question was what splitter do you have to go with them?
  12. Front Splitter Extension Canards with Air Channels

    So did you get both splitter an extesions from ZL1?
  13. FP Rear Spoiler with Gurney

    Same for me please, if possible 🙏
  14. Tow ring for 2017 Roush boosted?

    No, it is a wishful thinking in roush sc case 😄 . Your itercooler is mounted to the same bolts as ZL1 metal plate, so you would need to remove the intercooler mounting bracket in order to put the ZL1 plate in, and then put it back in, and it ends up a weird sandwich of these brackets, that I was...
  15. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    Motul RBF600 - reasonable pricing, well known and well tested performance, solid brand, available everywhere, including track shops. It's like 20 bucks and I just flush one bottle before every track event, peace of mind and one less thing to worry about.
  16. Yes females drive mustangs, you need to . . . educate yourself

    Now you have to provide a photo proof 😄
  17. Confused about my brakes

    Please do full proper maintenance to your car before you attempt to do the same thing again. Your car wouldn't pass any meaningful tech inspection, that is normally required for a well organized high performance driving on closed course.
  18. What's In DFB's Cabinet?

    Sure, will share my feedback. Actually, a week later they will get a good amount of beating at a race track, I will share the insights on how easy it will be to wash them from race pads dust. Overall, I do not expect anything revolutionary. I have used wheel coating from gtechniq on one set...
  19. What's In DFB's Cabinet?

    I have it on order and will be applying to 2 sets of wheels over weekend. I used Q2 Rim in the past with good results, and expecting Evo to be better at least in some ways. The key point they advertise is better longevity.