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  1. 10R80 Owners - ULTIMATE M6G 10R80 Facts + Resolutions to harsh or no shift conditions

    General to Folks on this thread as I can't read everything. Any talk here about the big Class Action Lawsuit that appears to be proceeding related to this transmission, 10R80?
  2. Ordered a Watson 4 point roll bar

    Presently there are no plans for a "nasty rollover" I just made Intermediate.
  3. Bored of my GT

    This is the thing. Get to drive it fast in a legal controlled way where the object is to keep pushing it further as skills get better. On the street there are limits, most of them enforced by the po-po.
  4. Ordered a Watson 4 point roll bar

    Okay I see where he has the belts inside the headrests there. That's an easy fix since I have the harnesses out for non-track season. That's how I divide my driving seasons now, track and non-track. Addicted for sure.
  5. Ordered a Watson 4 point roll bar

    well here's the funny thing, I called Scroth directly and they took about 30 minutes to talk to me about the harnesses, I connected them just as Scroth recommended. hmmmm
  6. I am on the verge of selling my Mustang guys...

    Best wishes picking! My downside is both of them have a iPad for a dashboard, meh. I've always stated here my love for the American Pony car is why I have a Mustang. BMW will be faster, maybe handle better but I never had a Dad tap his kid on the shoulder and point to my car driving a BMW but...
  7. I am on the verge of selling my Mustang guys...

    How mine would end up! School Bus Yellow, yeah.
  8. Ordered a Watson 4 point roll bar

    posted without comment...LOL.
  9. Having Ford install mods vs. local Performance shop

    I think is says "fix whatever shit is broke for this guy, no charge"? :dance:
  10. Having Ford install mods vs. local Performance shop

    FYI I'm still in factory warranty, ESP hasn't kicked in yet.
  11. Having Ford install mods vs. local Performance shop

    Can't think dropping the transmission and replacing the main seal was a small thing.
  12. Having Ford install mods vs. local Performance shop

    Well I had the transmission main seal replaced by a local dealer last summer right after a HPDE. No beef and their tech recommended a bigger cooler for tracking. The belief that anyone who seems like they were at a road course will never get warranty work lives here like great Urban myths. fyi...
  13. Having Ford install mods vs. local Performance shop

    I'm going to be getting an upgraded transmission cooler installed for the coming track season and was thinking because I'm still in warranty and have the Ford ESP maybe it's better if I have upgrades like this installed by a willing dealer (if there are such). I know some performance shops...
  14. GM is pulling back on EVs

    Seems cool but China is the country that has repeated gamed their own economy to the ruin of their own citizens and business leaders (think how Jack Ma of Alibaba almost disappeared). the country of "ghost cities" built to make it look like they were growing now abandoned. Just saying can we...
  15. GM is pulling back on EVs

    holds match to red can.... “As the COVID shock retreated, we learned that as you scale EVs to 5,000, to 7,000 units a month and you move into the early majority customer, they are not willing to pay a significant premium for EVs,” Ford chief executive Jim Farley. “This is a huge moment for...
  16. Convertibles Photos Thread

  17. Anyone using a harness bar?

    Totally second this endorsement! I added them to my vert last year, super easy to install. Also the folks at Schroth were super helpful in pointing me away from another harness they make to these as better options for safety being they latch into the Mustang belts keeping your airbag sensors...
  18. Convertibles Photos Thread

    Geez dude I thought you were dropping Acid twice a day. It would make living in Chicago seem better though. ;)
  19. Convertibles Photos Thread

    I feel your pain, from another Orange One.