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  1. 2K rattle gone (not to be confused with the typewriter/BBQ tick)

    I thought I would post this as a new thread, instead of mucking up a converstion in a GT350 thread where this was mentioned. After thinking about this a bit more, Im thinking it may be possible that my 2k rattle went away as a result of installing a return fuel system, if indeed the rattle is...
  2. Yet another "too loud with Longtubes" Thread. MACH1 Specific

    So yeah, I'm joining the "It's too damn loud with longtubes club, However, my situation may be unique in that I still have the OEM resonator and active exhaust MACH1 mufflers in place. I installed Stainless Power 1-7/8 headers with their high flow cats to support the ESS blower. Under normal...
  3. Lethal Performance Level 1 Fuel system Installs

    I'm getting ready to install the Lethal Performance Level 1 Fuel system. Curious to see how others that have this system, have routed their fuel lines, where you installed the Y-Block, Pressure regulator etc. The Lethal Diagrams are pretty generic, so Im curious what others have done. Thanks!
  4. 2018+ Shop Manual

    Wondering if anyone has the 2018+ Shop manual in PDF format? I have the 2015-2017, and most proceedures/torque specs are the same but Im getting ready to do the OPG/CS and want to be sure Im covering any discrepancies with the DI,, timing, oil pan removal etc. Thank you
  5. Fuel-It Flex fuel sensor installation

    Just wondering who else has done this, and if you had any issues with the hose routing? It appears that this kit was designed to be installed on cars that do not have the firewall bracing. The path of the fuel lines forces the sensor directly underneath the brace, and makes it impossible for...
  6. Handling Package Adjustable Camber plates?

    Come to find out, these are not installed on the car from the factory. Did anyone who has the HP, get the camber plates when you purchased the car?
  7. Colorado MACH1 Cup 2's FS $1500 OBO

    Hello all, I have a set of like new (exactly 138 miles on them) Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2's that came off my 2022 MACH1. Fronts are 305/30/19, rears are 315/30/19. Im in Colorado so local deals are preferred, but I am willing to ship them if you pay shipping. Asking $1500, or best offer
  8. 2022+ Carbon trap- A word of caution

    Just thought I would share a little info on an issue I ran into while getting E85 tuned by @Wengerd Performance. To be very clear, this issue had nothing to do with his tune, and Darryl has been more than helpful, responsive, and the car is transformed on his E85 calibration. Anyone on the...
  9. Ethanol % at "E85" pumps in Denver and surrounding areas

    Hello Everyone, Thought I would start a thread (apologies if there is already something similar) to catalog the Ethanol content at various fuel stations in Denver and the front range. My first fill up after getting my Wengerd Performance E85 tune was at the Alta Convenience store at 1970 S...
  10. Colorado Procharged 2017 GT Premium PP

    Well, the time has come for me to sell my favorite car. I have a little one on the way, and the Mustang just doesn't makes sense anymore unfortunately. I bought this car brand new in November of 2017 with 86 miles on it. It now has 27,389 miles on the clock, with about 12,000 of that being...
  11. Boundary Black OPG's

    Anyone tried these yet? https://www.boundarypumps.com/ford-v8-cayote-1/coyote-black-oil-pump-gears
  12. Free 2015-2017 GT OEM Cat back

    Anyone in Colorado need an OEM catback for a Gen 2 GT? You can have it for free if you come get it.
  13. test

    <div style="width:100%;height:0;padding-bottom:95%;position:relative;"><iframe src="https://giphy.com/embed/hVTouq08miyVo1a21m" width="100%" height="100%" style="position:absolute" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe></div><p><a...
  14. Has anyone tried the Spec Super Twin disk clutch?

    Trying to narrow down a twin disk clutch kit. I definitely want something with sprung hub disks, and came across the Spec Twin disk offerings. I know most go with a Mcleod or Mantic, but I haven't seen any feedback on the Spec kits. Seems like most kits that have sprung hub setups are around...
  15. Colorado FS: Magnaflow Foose Edition Cat Back

    I am selling my Magnaflow Foose Edition cat back exhaust for 2015-2017 S550 GT. This exhaust sounds absolutely great, no drone, no rasp, just deep muscle car rumble, and the screaming Coyote sound up top. I am willing to ship, but the buyer will need to pay shipping. Asking $700. Pics attached
  16. Exhaust bottleneck and power loss

    Good evening everyone, I was wondering what all of your thoughts were on power loss (if any) from the 2.5" bottleneck on the OEM connection point on aftermarket exhaust systems? I have Kooks headers with green cats, a Magnaflow Foose edition Cat back, but it still has the factory sized...
  17. Ford Werewolf Iron Block

    Stumbled across this today, for those of you that need a 1500+ hp capable block
  18. Procharger Outlet Tube

    Happy Saturday ladies and gents. I decided to finally tackle a small issue I had with the Procharger outlet tube on my car. I am referring to the rubber 90 degree 3" tube that connects the outlet on the head unit, to the inlet pipe of the intercooler, which also supports the BOV. First off I...