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  1. Oil catch can (not your typical redundant questions about OCC’s thread)

    I would say that due to the small amount of oil, at least in my case, it's not worth draining it to the pan. Plus, one time mine was a tad bit thicker and I wouldn't want it possibly clogging up the drain hose. If it's collecting more, empty more often. Also, I'd think that whatever is in the...
  2. 6GR wheels and Automotive Authority spare - lug nuts?

    Thanks. I was using the wrong terminology. I was thinking conical vs acorn when it should have been conical vs ball.
  3. 6GR wheels and Automotive Authority spare - lug nuts?

    Thanks, I appreciate it. It was the conical vs acorn shape I was wondering about.
  4. 6GR wheels and Automotive Authority spare - lug nuts?

    Does anyone know if the free lug nuts (not Monster) that come with 6GR wheels have the same face and can be used with the AA spare? Did a search but only came up with "factory nuts can't be used on 6GRs".
  5. Valets and sticks.

    I work at a resort and have seen this. There have been a few times where the valets have come inside to ask us to park a car because no one on the staff was able to drive stick! But if it was mandatory to know how to drive one, there wouldn't be any staff! :crackup:
  6. Motor Oil Price

    Just an FYI for you/us Mobil 1 5w30 users, I just got two 5 quart jugs being shipped to me from Walmart for $43.xx! I don't know if this is national, but it was from a retailer, not Walmart itself. Edit: This might be a scam. Going to call Walmart's CS tomorrow. Reading their site, they say...
  7. Ideal wheel setup for a S550 (Street use) - 19" 305? 20" 305?

    I'd go to the Tire and Wheels section, peruse the aftermarket sticky on top and look at what people have done. 305/35/19 tires don't have a good selection and for a great summer tire, in that size, the Michelin PSS is the best selection. I used Contis on the front at 285/35/19 (see sig) as...
  8. The price of new tires is getting outrageous.

    I know!! Anyone going from stock PP1s to 10"x11" in the 19" wheel, the 305 give you the comparable sidewall. 315 would be equal, but there is only a drag tire in that size. Going to 20" (305/30/20) wheels doesn't help since those cost more and the equal tires are just as expensive. There are...
  9. The price of new tires is getting outrageous.

    A big part of the problem for the OP, and me, is the tire selection for 305/35/19. Not much choice. Nitto: NT555G2, NT05, NT555RII Michelin: PSS, PSC2 Pirelli: P Zero, P Zero PZ4 (plus a winter tire which we aren't talking about here) M/T: E/T Street S/S Nittos seem to have a horrible...
  10. The "how to disable the data link to Ford" thread

    Exactly! We already pay the premium that they've figured out with age, type of car, credit report, history, miles traveled daily, etc. They then snoop and see acceleration and braking instances (even though nothing happened!) and decide to pre-penalize MORE?!?!? Another bean counter idea to...
  11. The "how to disable the data link to Ford" thread

    Now there's an article on Yahoo: https://www.yahoo.com/tech/car-secretly-spying-driving-insurance-201509936.html
  12. Daily Driver Square Tire Setup

    This is as far as I get with social media. Setup is in sig.
  13. Big insurance increase (State Farm)--anyone else?

    My AmFam has gone up ~$230 in a year. I lowered it the last payment time by raising the deductible on one section from $500 to $1k. Should have done that from the beginning, but oh well. Now it's back above what I'd have paid 6 months ago! I've been with this agent for 33 years...one of his...
  14. Daily Driver Square Tire Setup

    I wish this site was posted as a sticky to help people out with tire sizes: https://tiresize.com/comparison/ It is not going to be 100% accurate as tire manufactures are all different, but gives a close representation of what will happen when changing tire sizes from stock. Going from the stock...
  15. Ramps for DIY Oil Change

    Others have posted their homemade gadgets, but I got one of these and it works very well to catch drips while changing the filter. https://formafunnel.com/ Also, to prevent an Exxon Valdez scenario in your garage or driveway, you might consider a drain valve. It takes longer, but prevents an...
  16. PS4S 255/275 to 285/305?

    Be aware that there is not a lot of choices in the 305/35/19 size. Look in my sig for the way I went.
  17. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    Walking back towards the car, thought I'd snap a pic.
  18. Mustangs parking by Mustangs - Photos

    A couple of VERY BUILT Fox bodies parked next to me at the Pavilions car show.