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  1. Whipple Stage 2 pulley size

    What size pulley comes standard with the Stage 2 Whipple kit? What's the range of pulley size down and up that are available? Lastly, what's the difference in power output on pump fuel between a smaller pulley than standard and a larger pulley than standard? Thank you.
  2. What's the optimal rim width for 275/35R20 tires?

    I have a non-HP Mach 1. I am going for 275/35R20 tires on 20-inch rims. I currently have the factory 255/40R19s on factory 9.5" wheels. I am buying new rims, I'm not keeping the factory ones. So for the 275/35R20 tires, what is the optimal width...9.5" or 10" or something else? Thanks
  3. Fueling ⛽ up

  4. What are the best street brake pads?

    My priorities are: 1. Stopping power for street driving 2. Durability I don't care about brake dust or cost. I'm going to be switching to DBA two piece slotted rotors. What are the best pads I can buy?
  5. Ford...Quality is Job 1

    Unreal, car is 16 months old, stored in a climate controlled storage facility, reducing any exposure to moisture. And I discover this under my door handle today...
  6. R1 Concepts Brakes

    Does anyone have any feedback on the R1 Concepts Brakes? Specifically, I'm looking at their Big Brake Kits ( Big Brake Kits | R1 Concepts ) I have a 2022 Mach 1 and am looking to move from 19" wheels to 20" wheels. As part of that, I was considering running larger brake rotors. To be clear, I...
  7. Newbury Mustang Meet

    Great day yesterday at Craven Arms
  8. UK arrival of S650 Dark Horse

    With the ability to spec and order the new GT and Dark Horse, some are saying that the DH is limited edition and may not be for sale very long. From the tracking that @WD Pro does we know there's probably about 400 Mach 1s in the UK. They sold those 400 over the course of three years. Does...
  9. Yesterday at Blackbushe Airport

  10. A10 Sport vs Sport+ modes

    For A10 Mach 1 owners, what's the difference between Sport mode and Sport+ mode? Thanks
  11. Tomorrow in Newbury

    Lunchtime meet with Simply Mustang UK at the Craven Arms, Skinners Green Lane, Newbury, RG20 0HG Please drive responsibly.
  12. Mach 1 Canards (Dive Planes)

    What are some good options for Mach 1 canards? Carbon fiber would be a plus, but not necessary. Thanks
  13. Happy Christmas ⛄

  14. Blackbushe Airport

    From today's meet, 3 Mach 1's, Bullitt, California Special.
  15. Megazilla Motor

    Will this fit in my Mach 1? 7.3L MEGAZILLA™ 615HP CRATE ENGINE| Part Details for M-6007-MZ73 | Ford Performance Parts
  16. Michelin Pilot Sport S5 has two new sizes

    Previously, the Michelin PSS5 were only available in 21". Now they are also offering two 20" sizes as well, 265 and 295. We're slowly getting there... MICHELIN PILOT SPORT S 5 - Car Tyre | MICHELIN United Kingdom Official Website
  17. Rexsupersport Carbon Fiber Rear Side Window Covers (Vents)

    A set of never used Rexsupersport Carbon Fiber Rear Side Window Covers (Vents). Price is £50 collection from Sheperd's Bush, London. Ford Mustang Rear Side Window Cover Carbon - Rexsupersport - Specializes In Providing Carbon Fibre Parts and Accessories
  18. Factory 2022 Mach 1 Steering Wheel

    This is the steering wheel that came on my 2022 A10 Mach 1. It was removed when a carbon fiber wheel was installed. It is in very good condition. Price is £50 collection from Sheperd's Bush, London.
  19. UK Mustang Mod Fun is About to be OVER

    UK firm fitting ‘pop bang’ aftermarket exhausts fined in landmark court case | Auto Express
  20. Reduce Rotating Mass & Unsprung Weight

    I gotta slim down my Mach 1. I already swapped out the factory hood for a carbon fiber replacement. But now I need to go to the next level. I'm thinking Lightweight Series Velgen wheels, DBA two-piece brake rotors and QA1 carbon fiber driveshaft. I cannot delete the rear seats and my...