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  1. California Free sway bars

    Stock base GT sway bars, if no one wants them in the next day or two I’m gonna toss them, free to anyone. If you need shipping send me a label and I’ll ship em out for you- Perfect condition, 1k miles on them
  2. Race seats

    Anyone install seats and manage to get the airbag and seatbelt lights to stay off? I have a 21 and I hear it might be different after 17…? Any insight would be appreciated… I’ve seen the 2.2ohm resistor but for the airbag light, but there’s also the seatbelt sensor and seat position sensor and...

    If you’re on here I love your plate and your car.
  4. California Base GT Suspension - Free

    Shocks/struts, springs and sway bars from a base GT. Free to anyone that wants them. I’ll ship if you pay for shipping.
  5. FP Track Handling Kit issues

    I installed the FP track kit and the stock rear brake line bracket does not mount to the FP sway bar that comes with the kit Someone on this forum was nice enough to show me their aftermarket bracket (completely flat) that they said came with their FP track kit. Ford says it doesn’t come...
  6. What suspension do you run

    I’m looking at this setup https://www.steeda.com/steeda-s550-mustang-hpde-suspension-package-15-18-555-2357#/filter:ss_ymm:Mustang$253E2021 HPDE Dual Rate pack w sway bars. Track and general weekend shenanigans. Any feedback or other stuff I should consider? What do you run?
  7. Charger Daytona SRT Electric Concept

    Obviously not Mustang, but interesting… https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/dodge-charger-daytona-ev-concept-has-real-exhaust-noise-multi-speed-transmission/ar-AA10MnET
  8. If you were handed $100k which car would you buy

    A situation has presented itself where this question has relevance in my life. If you were given $100k to spend on a car which one would you get? Keep in mind $100k is the limit, you don’t have to actually spend all of it… I assume there’s going to be a Mustang bias but I grew up a Mopar guy...
  9. Who has installed their own supercharger

    I’ll be getting a Whipple in the not-so-distant future and am considering installing it myself. I’m not bad with a wrench but I have zero experience with blowers… Any words of advice or things to watch from someone with experience?
  10. Seller props

    Just bought QL-50 hood pins from @sabtaj1 and they showed up exactly as described faster than I expected. He’s got some more stuff for sale and is a good dude for anyone interested-
  11. GT500 Spoiler

    Yes I know it’s also a Mach1 spoiler, etc etc etc. What do you think a fair price for this spoiler is? I’m going to sell it to get the Ford Performance one with a gurney flap. I bought a primed one and had it painted, all in I’m about $500 with tax, shipping and paint. There’s absolutely no...
  12. California Brakes

    Brakes off my base GT. Replacement for base GT, or EcoBoost PP, upgrade for base EcoBoost or V6 S550. I have the rotors, calipers, brake lines, pads and splash guards, taken off the car at 1300 miles. $200 OBO - Inland Empire
  13. Black 19mm lug nuts

    I’m looking for a set of quality 19mm lug nuts. I have Project 6GR rims and they were kind enough to give me a set of black lug nuts when I bought the wheels. However, I take my rims on and off a lot, even being careful the paint is coming off the lugs. I would like a quality set like the Ford...
  14. Looking for advice

    Below is a picture of my car and color options for my new front seats. My car is black and white and has/will have red highlights (calipers, 5.0 dot, supercharger, etc). I am unable to decide what seat color I should get…
  15. Completely Transformed…

    Got my car back from the painter, new hood looks great and got my new rims installed. Completely transformed the look of my car. Brembos and sway bar/springs/dampers are next!
  16. California Oxford White Hood

    Removed from car at 1100 miles, mint- asking $400
  17. Insurance question

    Does anyone have any of their aftermarket stuff added to their insurance? If so, is the cost worth it, have you ever had to use it?
  18. First Mustang ever built

  19. Anyone use Eibach?

    Looking at shocks/struts, springs and sway bars and can get a great deal on Eibach. However, I have little to no experience with them. Anyone use their stuff or know much about it? Maybe use their sway bar and springs with Steeda shocks/struts?? Any insight is appreciated
  20. California OEM blade spoiler, black

    Selling the OE blade spoiler from my black accent package ‘21 GT. Comes with mounting hardware and a template to drill holes if you don’t have a spoiler already. Took it off the car with about 100 miles on it. $90