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  1. Supercharger kit

    Who’s got the best price on the M-6066-m supercharger kit? Been looking around and prices are all over the place.
  2. One year ownership

    Well one year down for owning the 20 PP2. I clocked 2k miles on the road and only one warranty claim bad dome light. Performed one oil change at 1600 miles oil had been in the engine for a year so had to change it. Did several mods in the first year been pleased with the results. Will I keep...
  3. 67 Mustang GT s code.

    Well I have been working for almost a year to get this car back on the road we’re getting closer. Hasn’t been driven in 21 years and only has 30k original miles. All factory sheet metal.
  4. Who has this kit any feed back M-6066-M8

    Looking for feedback on the Ford performance kit M-6066-M8.
  5. Map lights will not turn off

    I have a 20 GT. Yesterday my map lights are not turning off at all with the doors closed. Also staying on while driving. They only turn off with the battery saver mode. Anyone had the same issue. Tried removing the battery connections same issue.
  6. Trade PP2 for Mach1

    I have been looking at maybe trading my 20 PP2 for Mach1. The dealer I bought my car has made me an offer of what I paid for my car in Dec of last year. I can by a nice spec Mach1 for sticker. I just don’t think it’s worth owing more on a car. I’d be taking on 12k more on a car loan than I have...
  7. Katzkin for Recaro seats

    Has anyone done a katzkin leather kit on the cloth 18+ Recaro seats. Looking for feedback.
  8. Any better deal on wheel kit M-1007K-DC19XMB

    Any more discount on this wheek kit? M-1007K-DC19XMB
  9. 2020 Mustang PP2 production numbers?

    Anyone have any info on the PP2 Mustang productions numbers? Or its going to be wait till the Marti folks get the information from Ford.