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  1. Shadow Black Drying Aid?!?

    I had ceramic put on professionally - looks amazing and still after 1 year, perfect. Since I had the ceramic on it, I've been using P&S Beadmaker as a drying aid with a super plush 70/30 MF (anything else scratches) on the entire car after every wash due to the spotting with the crappy water...
  2. M1 Lug Nuts

    This is probably been discussed elsewhere, but I wanted to see if anyone has put on black lug nuts on their M1? I'm thinking of going with these FP lugs since they are OEM, but if anyone has any thoughts on these over Gorilla or vice versa...
  3. Reputable Tire Install in So Cal?

    Just trying to plan because I know my back tires aren't going to last the way I drive. I really don't want to go to Discount Tire with the "techs" there. Any other suggestions?
  4. Mach1's in the Wild

    @Mach U and I at Carlsbad cars and coffee this morning - the FJG looks completely different than I thought it would
  5. Mach 1 Steeda Clutch Spring?

    Thoughts on putting the Steeda clutch spring on the Mach 1? I can't get a good read on whether it's the same spring as the Bullitt and GT (I only test drove the GT) @MikeyTX - you put the Steeda spring in your Bullitt...is the M1 the same feel? Or would I just be screwing it up?
  6. Steeda Mach 1 Breakdown

    Steeda added Mach 1 info and H-Pipe video Steeda Link