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  1. Shelby American Teasers

    Thought I’d post these here as well. Shelby American is unveiling a new car 4/18. To me it looks like the next generation of Shelby GT but maybe some of you that are more in tune with SA may know something different (and I understand that if you do know and can’t say anything to spoil the...
  2. C8 ZR1

    Will be interested to see what the specs are
  3. BMW 4 Series

    Being discontinued?? https://www.motortrend.com/news/bmw-4-series-rumor-discontinued-i4-electric-coupe-convertible/
  4. Ford Sees Opportunity for Mustang

    Saw this on CNBC this morning https://www.cnbc.com/2024/03/27/ford-mustang-has-opportunity-as-competitors-abandon-v8-engines.html
  5. Revology 1968 Mustang

    Pretty cool. I’ve seen a couple videos on their cars. Anybody here have one or been to their shop in FL?
  6. 2020 GT500 non-CFTP

    Hey all. Going to check out a 2020 GT500, non-CFTP this weekend. Shadow black, no stripe, tech pack with the CF interior. Not my first color choice but throw on some Kona (or close to it) stripes and it would look killer to me. Has about 16k miles on it. Anyway, I’ve read a bunch of the...
  7. Heritage CFTP with 13 miles for sale

    If anyone is interested, just listed yesterday https://www.diamondmotorworks.com/2022-ford-mustang-shelby-gt500-golden-ticket-c-4654/
  8. Mustang GTD spotted in the wild

    Spotted in VA, is that you filling it up @shogun32 🤭
  9. Superformance Cobra with Godzilla motor

    Beautiful car. 600hp in a 2,500lb car? Please and thank you. And it’s got a CSX number
  10. 2000 Cobra R still in the wrapper

    No dealer prep, all the factory wrappings still on the car. I’d hate to peel the protective film off at this point, will probably take paint with it since it’s been on there for 24 years. What a shame, those R’s are a blast to drive by all accounts (never have driven one personally)
  11. Driving Gloves

    I mentioned in the driving shoes thread but will start a new thread. I’m religious about keeping the leather on my steering wheel cleaned and conditioned but curious if anyone wears driving gloves for regular street driving, and if so, do you wear leather gloves or racing gloves? I currently...
  12. Laguna Seca Lawsuit: Hagerty bringing the sass

    Love the sarcasm by Hagerty in this article. I hope the presiding judge tells these people to piss off, the track was there long before they were...
  13. Farley on the future of the V8 Mustang

  14. Ford Show Parts Certificate of Authenticity

    FYI Bullitt owners if you’re interested. Got an email from Ford Show Parts that they’re doing the CofA for the Bullitt again...
  15. Original Venice Crew GT350 Roadster

    Pretty cool. Not an original GT350, but Jim and OVC Mustangs did some upgrades. Really cool that Camilo was involved too
  16. 351 Cleveland Barn Find Rebuild

    Beautiful when it’s finished
  17. Lexus RC F

    Had one pull up next to me this evening and we gave each other a few revs. Must’ve had an aftermarket exhaust because it was loud AF. Sounded really good though. I hadn’t heard one in person until today, I don’t think they’re super common around here. Anyway, well done Lexus, sounds terrific
  18. GT500 Heritage CFTP

    If anyone is interested, pretty much brand new still in the wrapper https://www.diamondmotorworks.com/2022-ford-mustang-shelby-gt500-golden-ticket-c-4612.htm
  19. RIP Camaro

    It’s official. The last 6 Gen Camaro rolled off the line
  20. Ford GT Liquid Carbon

    Dealer I bought my Mustang from just got one of these in. Presumably a customer car that they are showcasing, I’ll have to try to get over there next week and check it out. This isn’t the first time they’ve had special edition GT’s. They had a Ken Miles edition in over the summer that I...