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  1. Thinking of trading it in for a ranger?

    Thinking of trading in the mustang for a 22 ranger tremor. What do you guys think
  2. Euro tail lights

    Clear, vland from s550 euros
  3. Transmission or clutch issue?

    Yea but it’s just a series of unfortunate events. Tomorrow the car is getting dropped off at the body shop for repair. What are the odds ford will warranty the clutch replacement with all the mods? 😂
  4. Transmission or clutch issue?

    Probably around 6k or so. I’m suspecting/hoping it’s the throw out bearing. Since it’s hard to go into gear or come out of gear. Driving it after it didn’t seem like the clutch was slipping though.
  5. Transmission or clutch issue?

    2020 E85, LTH, Intake, Steeda braided clutch line, Mgw shifter, Lund Tune. Like not a WOT pull but maybe half throttle and shifting from 3rd to 4th. After that it became hard to pull out of gear and shift into gear. Also vibrating in gear. And I felt vibration in the clutch pedal from a stop.
  6. Transmission or clutch issue?

    Was driving on the freeway today and was doing a light pull and all of a sudden trying to shift gears becomes very hard. Pulling it out of gear and trying to shift into gear. Really hoping it’s just the clutch or throw out bearing. What do you guys think. Any clutch recommendations?
  7. Welp this just happened

    Update.. geico is saying they’re going to replace with aftermarket parts, not oem… doesn’t seem good to me
  8. Welp this just happened

    It’s tough out here man 😞
  9. Welp this just happened

    Witnesses behind me said he came in at least doing 40mph right through two lanes
  10. Welp this just happened

    Just under 19k
  11. Welp this just happened

    Was on my lunch today and some guy hit me and 4 other cars while at a red light. Is it sad that I don’t want the car anymore?
  12. Cordless Impact driver

    Milwaukee FTW!!
  13. Bad driving habits with your Mustang

    I guess I’m hungry for attention 😂
  14. Bad driving habits with your Mustang

    I literally downshift all the time, slowing down and coming to stops and with cat less long tubes, it’s pretty amusing seeing the dirty looks or people rolling their windows up or the thumbs ups 😂

    Those white reflectors are tasty 🤤🤤
  16. California WTB 2018 Euros and H Pipe

    No never installed
  17. California WTB 2018 Euros and H Pipe

    How about a resonated x pipe?
  18. Mbrp street exhaust

    Mbrp street exhaust for sale. Used for about a year. Wanted to sell it for $500.. Make me an offer
  19. Raceseng Shift Knob - Ashiko - Blue Translucent or Red Textured for GT350?

    Well that was an old picture before the mgw. But no with the mgw you have to push down on the shifter and up