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  1. North Carolina Roll Call!!!

    Dang I work at Lowe's HQ wish I knew about this!
  2. North Carolina Roll Call!!!

    Nice! I have the 50 year anniversary package(2015). Let me know if you'd like to trade tail lights or rims! I'm going for a new look.
  3. Tail Light Sequencer Causing Gallop Turn Signals

    So I just bought the Raxiom sequencers from AM and I've noticed that my turn signals are doing the same gallop sound when I installed the switchbacks. Is this a known issue? I can't find anything about it. It doesn't do it all the time but it is probably 25% of the time. Edit: Never mind! I...
  4. Has anyone traded their tail lights?

    Thanks for finding that thread! I may just try to find someone local to swap out and make it easy.
  5. Has anyone traded their tail lights?

    You think so? It doesn't seem connected very well. I guess I'll find out this weekend.
  6. Has anyone traded their tail lights?

    Thanks buddy. I actually just spoke to American Muscle and they said their tail light tint kit would cover the spots that the chrome leaves when tinting. If that makes sense lol. I didn't realize you could just pull that stuff off.
  7. Has anyone traded their tail lights?

    I have the 50 year appearance package and am going for the race red/black theme. Has anyone ever traded those tail lights for the stock ones?
  8. Black out 50 Year LE?

    Thanks, Do you know of a kit that covers the chrome trim? It doesn't come off. Yeah, you're right. Didn't know about the appearance package. Make me want to black it out even more now lol.
  9. Black out 50 Year LE?

    So I have a Race Red GT and looking to go for the black and red theme. What's the best way to do the tail lights? I have an idea for almost everything else and have already done quite a bit. Thoughts? I don't want to mess up anything to where I couldn't bring it back to stock if needed. TIA
  10. Merry Christmas, show us what ya got for your Mustang.

    I got rear tail light sequencers from AM for 60 bucks. That's all I got myself this year.
  11. Socialism good or bad?

    Kind of worthless talking to people who literally don't understand what we're talking about. For that reason, I'm out.
  12. Car Seats and Sciatica

    I have it very bad. My commute to work is 1 hour each way. I have the same seats as you too. I've tried everything and nothing really seems to help except that I started doing push ups, sit ups, stretches and that seems to be the only thing helping a little. I feel your pain man!
  13. Is it really free will?

    If there is a god, we don't have free will(see omnipotent and omniscient). If there isn't a god, we do have free will.
  14. Socialism good or bad?

    I haven't read all of these post but Democratic socialism is a good thing. Just can't go overboard with it so we need to figure out where to draw the line. Don't like socialism? Don't call the police, firemen, take your kids to public schools, use our highways, or get protection from our...
  15. Rear Deck Lid Badge

    Thanks! This is what I ended up doing.
  16. Rear Deck Lid Badge

    So I went to shut my trunk and the 50 year badge fell off. Looks like it snapped off in a few places and is still attached to the car. Only one actual hole is there(worried about rain getting in there). Do I just use tape/glue to put it back on?
  17. Pro Dyno Ft Mill South Carolina

    I went year before last and there was probably 50-75 cars and maybe 200 people. Good times!
  18. Pro Dyno Ft Mill South Carolina

    anyone going to the pro dyno meet on Saturday?
  19. Anyone in NC up for a final meetup of the year?

    There's a meet at Pro Dyno this Saturday. Not technically NC but close enough!