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  1. Can you run e85 on low boost without fuel system?

    Buy once, cry once. Fore innovations.
  2. Requesting info: 15 v 19 intake differences

    Aaaaah, yeah. The induction systems are different between gen2 and gen3 coyotes. I’m not entirely sure what, but enough that they aren’t easily swappable without some nonsense.
  3. Requesting info: 15 v 19 intake differences

    The 18-19 intake is better than the 15-17, all around. Your post reads to me that you’re wanting to put a 15-17 on 18+. You’re going to lose performance if you do that.
  4. Highest mileage 18-19

    I got my 19 on October 12, 2018 and I’m at 20,3XX miles. I’m all over creation in this car. Already on my second set of tires, about to go in for it’s 3rd oil change, and across that amount of miles have averaged 17.7 mpg with 1127.244 gallons used and $2727.40 in fuel.
  5. Annoyance; easy entry/exit

    I’m 6’5, 300lbs and haven’t had any issues once I learned how to use it. Get in, push the start stop button to power everything up, wait for the seat to quit moving and then start it. If you just jump in and start it, the memory won’t work.
  6. 3/4 Point Harness Mount Points for Autocross

    From a pure safety aspect I would NEVER do a 4 point harness EVER. You can submarine out of them FAR too easily. If you’re having a problem with maintaining body position, your problem isn’t the mechanism that keeps you in the seat, it’s the seat itself. Get something with some bolstering that...
  7. Disable Overdrive?

    Put the trans in sport mode and shift it yourself? I’ve got an MT-82, so I always select whether or not it’s in an OD gear.

    I don’t have mine on either, build date in September of 2018, 19 MY.
  9. 2015-2017 mustang gt Roush 2.3 TVS highest power output

    Everything I’ve heard about the Roush blowers is that their heat exchangers suck and because of that, lag behind all of the other blower manufacturers in potential power output.
  10. '19 GT Options Opinions From Owners

    I bought a 19 401A PP2 car with active exhaust and B&O. I fucking love this car. The SC2 tires tramlined like no other, but it’s got a regular set of tires now and the tram lining is gone. It’s nice and soft when I want it to be, and it’s stiff and sticky when I want it to be. Cloverleafs on...
  11. Put car in neutral with battery disconnected?

    For what it’s worth, I got a good chuckle at your response.
  12. 2019 Nostril Lights

    That just turns the headlights on and off when the car is in gear/running. The tri-bar lights in the headlights can’t be turned off.
  13. 2019 Nostril Lights

    The daytime running lights? You can’t as far as I’m aware, they’re federally mandated.
  14. "Were the back wheels coming around by themselves?" ...

    3rd Gear is good to about 105 in my 19 pp2, it’ll be fine. :)
  15. New Embargo'd Aero/Cooling Info- Released today.

    I don't have a dog in this hunt, and I'm not going to comment on its ethics, but are we going to ignore the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act? A carmaker has to be able to prove that a modification has directly caused the damage exhibited. A tune won't cause oil pump gears to break. A tune won't cause...
  16. Is the '19 MT-82 and shifter that much improved?

    I've got a factory shifter and have had problems with 1-2 shifts, that gear change is vague and isn't confidence inspiring. The rest of the gears are good to go.
  17. Automatic Transmission owners

    You'd be surprised. Formula 1, while it doesn't have a clutch pedal, does have a hand controlled clutch on the back of the steering wheel separate from the shift paddles. F1 still uses clutches, Porsche's PDK transmission still has clutches to engage/disengage the transmission, WRC still uses...
  18. Opinion on B&O System and 401A Leather on 2019?

    I had an 02 Ranger Tremor, it came with a 5 speaker Pioneer setup, the bass in that system was far and away better than the bass in the B&O. The system in the mustang has EXCELLENT midbass characteristics, but when the frequencies get low (think hip hop or detuned/5 string bass Rock) the sub...
  19. 2019 Mustang WiFi hot spot, why would someone use this?

    The infotainment system is the same as all of the other Mustangs, there is likely an addendum that came with the car regarding the Bullitt specific things, much like the one I got with my PP2 car. Edit: to more accurately answer your question, the car becomes a WiFi hotspot that your car...