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  1. Cortex boost controller

    Any pictures of where you taped into the wiring? I’m a little confused with the mustang wiring diagram provided.
  2. AntiGravity Battery Failure

    Thank you I just ordered the Forscan tool.
  3. AntiGravity Battery Failure

    So I’m having an issue too. Wondering if doing the charge with non lithium charger will work too. Situation.. put AG battery in and no lights come on in the car.. nothing. I put the stock battery back in and no issues. AG is showing full charge and no issues.. any help is appreciated. Pictures...
  4. Ohio Thread

    Thanks Cleveland area (west side)
  5. Ohio Thread

    Any recommendations for a shop to install oil pump gears NE Ohio?
  6. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Added additional gauges
  7. Kentucky Printed vent gauge pods

    Love mine.. thanks @Jobodizo