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  1. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    However you're not in a year round hot environment, like TX or FL
  2. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    I'd like to know as well. May be getting back into a GT after my Scat lease is up.
  3. Hood corrosion

    ^ absolutely right. they repainted my hood as well. i didnt stick around long enough to find out
  4. Hood corrosion

    That was predictable
  5. BBQ Tick After Oil Change...

    gonna need a new lower end soon
  6. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    it's not a scam. quite simply, out of warranty? out of luck. just like every other car out there. it just so happens that this particular car has a badly designed evap core.
  7. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    probably. run while you still can. especially with that 2.3T
  8. Hood corrosion

    15s are SOL cuz they didnt put that clause until the 16 MY
  9. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    Lol they tried that route with older gen mustangs to no avail This problem isn’t new to ford
  10. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    It’s a different part for ecoboom and GT. Also, I wonder how many leftover parts they have to toss after each time they take the dash apart.
  11. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    The Shelby has all of the same issues that the regular stangs have. Faulty evap, rusty hoods, etc. dump it
  12. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    summer is coming. this thread is gonna get lit.
  13. Hood corrosion

    man im so glad i dont own mine anymore. when i had it fixed I knew it would come back. i didn't want to stick around for that.
  14. BBQ Tick After Oil Change...

    Gonna need a new block soon
  15. BBQ Tick After Oil Change...

    sentence and paragraph structure, wow
  16. BBQ Tick After Oil Change...

    Guess they still haven’t fixed that issue after all these revisions of the coyote. Good thing it only happens to a small percentage of owners.
  17. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    It’s probably the heat cycles and how much condensation occurs, and it corrodes the metal part of the evap just enough to create a leak
  18. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    mine had 35k before i got rid of it and it was still blowing cold. i dont think it matters in terms of mileage, but how often the AC is used. I use it for about half a year up in long island NY
  19. Hood corrosion

    The 2015 guys are SOL when your warranty expires. 2016 and up have a clause in the warranty that extends it.