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  1. Ford Images Sale

    It's a generic picture but the exact spec of my car.
  2. Ford Images Sale

    I was actually very surprised they did that for me, the guy I spoke with was very accommodating. I told him that I wasn't going to order it because they only had it in FJG and my car was Iconic Silver, he said he could do it in silver. Then I said well my car doesn't have the handling pack and...
  3. Ford Images Sale

    Got mine a few years ago. A rep reached out to me after I left it sitting in my cart un ordered. Asked me if I was still interested. I told him it was too pricey and not the same spec as my car. He came down in price to I think somewhere in the $300 range and was able to get it in an exact match...
  4. Wider Tires on Non HP

    This has probably been covered elsewhere in the forum but I can’t seem to find anything on it. Looking to go to all seasons after the 4S’s run they‘re course. Want to go a little wider though, how wide can I go on the non HP rims? Staggered set up is fine, thinking of going with the Michelin...
  5. Mach 1 Steering Wheel Badge

    Badge King also makes a key fob badge. sticks right over the existing pony just like the steering wheel one. $30 for a pair. I have both, very happy with them.
  6. How many miles do you have?

    Picked it up 4/27/21. 10,077 miles
  7. Random day/night detection and brightness adjustment

    It is the lower sensor on the dash, center, right near the windshield. If you cover it during the day the dash will switch to night mode
  8. Mach 1 Owner kit - number replacement

    Try this guy, He does some Mach 1 stuff. Makes a great steering wheel badge. https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=badge%20king Also this guy, he makes a really nice plaque for the engine bay. https://designlab304.com/?fbclid=IwAR172XkTR_YKWPEe4UoyQXk8KJE68lSaF_bIx5dkSQ-BGUuYnpv5UJVz6yI
  9. 2023 Mach 1?

    Thank you!
  10. 2023 Mach 1?

    So if the new Mustang is a 2024 model year and expected out next summer along with the Dark Horse. Have we heard if there will be a 2023 Mach 1? Will there be a 2023 Mustang? Just curious as to how that will play out.
  11. Track Attack

    I did the Track Attack last August 2021. When you leave they give you a nice little care package. Mostly stuff like pens and stickers and even a T shirt but the best thing in the bag was a USB drive with all the pictures the professional photographer took that day. I got pictures of every one in...
  12. What are 2021 production numbers?

    They say a lot of things...like wish I had a GT350, GT350 sounds awesome, GT350 is a special car...etc etc.... Me personally... I say all of that except "Wish I had a GT350. I could have bought one but it wasn't the right move for me. Was never gonna track the car and in my opinion the car...
  13. What are 2021 production numbers?

    Said every GT350 owner...lol
  14. 2022 Mach 1 No-Lift Shift

    At least 80% throttle and the car has to be in Sport, track or drag strip mode.
  15. Well we be Shakin!

    Looks like it came straight from 1969. I'm sorry but it does not belong on this car. Hard pass.
  16. Iconic Silver Pics

    How did you black out the Mach 1 badge?
  17. Amusing Reactions to your Mach 1

    When I had my Ecoboost all I heard was "Why didn't you get the V8"? Now with the Mach 1 all I hear is "It doesn't have the Voodoo? You should've bought the Shelby GT350!" You can't win.
  18. Steering Wheel Pony...Removable?

    Does anyone know if the pony on the steering wheel is removable? Can the entire inner disc containing the pony come off? I bought an insert from BadgeKing that covers the pony with the Mach 1 badge. It says it can be installed on top of the pony but I think I'd like to remove the pony and try it...