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  1. MGW Shifter Install!

    no, helps to have skinny arms though
  2. Never owned a Ford before..

    youre gonna be amazed at the huge aftermarket parts selection without the BMW tax
  3. 19x9.5 squared

    the spacers are need to clear the front strut. I have 19x10" +44 square and using a 5mm spacer up front
  4. Germany tired of Mustang

    pretty hilarious the 8 series just looks like a stang from the side
  5. MGW Shifter Install!

    having a skinny arm or a friend definately helps get that front bolt out did my non GT350 MGW on jackstands in 3 hours taking my time and this is before they came out with the new design that cuts the time in half easily the best mod to the car, you interact with it 100% of the time...
  6. PP2 real life pictures

    18GT is definately underrated, i would think more like 490 crank based on stock dynoes
  7. Why Ford is keeping the Mustang

    we all have hours to sit around to wait for a battery to charge between fill ups? How do I do a road trip in an electric car in a time efficient manner? put that tesla on a road course and watch how inefficient it gets. The battery is horridly inefficient on the track as it heats up...
  8. Input on upgrade with a $1300 budget

    all those mods and no shifter upgrade?
  9. aligment recommendations for new suspension?

    may need camber bolts/plates and rear toe mods to be able to correct the camber/toe changes
  10. R.I.P. HR414....sad story

    glad to here you made it out well. Cars get totaled so you dont get totaled.
  11. American Muscle - Hitting 500+ RWHP NA In Our 2018 Ford Mustang GT With Bolt Ons

    475rwhp with I/H/E + tune 508rwhp with I/H/E + tune + E85 [ame]
  12. Where to put EZ-Pass

    geez how are these things so big, for our EZ Tag its more like a sticker with a small RFID chip than a box https://parking.utexas.edu/parking/find-your-tag-number
  13. OEM Tire Sensors

    remember they are auto programming so just drive around on them and they will auto detect https://www.ebay.com/itm/4-OEM-Tire-Pressure-Sensors-TPMS-2015-2018-Ford-Edge-F-150-Mustang-F2GT-1A180-AB/282753150259?fits=Make%3AFord&hash=item41d566ad33:g:r~wAAOSw-jFaHm-9&vxp=mtr
  14. 2020 GT500 Mustang Caught Testing Uncovered For The First Time

    viper has an extra caliper for the parking brakes, its still mechanical just not integrated with the rear calipers like some cars are
  15. Reverse Lockout, RIP

    another reason to get an MGW, to get rid of that cheap plastic lockout that breaks
  16. Be careful of what you wish for

    time to get some 315 michelin super sport or PS4S in the rear at least
  17. 2019 Camaro refresh to compete with 2018 Mustang refresh

    getting in one reminded me of getting into the viper. The thing is the viper has a reason to have crappy visibility, the camaro doesnt.
  18. Replace Pillar Tweeters or Install Into Door Panels?