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  1. Best tire? Help me decide! New guys read this.

    Hey Mustang family, I'm full bolt on "technically". In the process of going full bolt on. Im on coilovers, and that's all for suspension with stock wheels. My car is a stock + car (mostly stock vehicle or factory optioned asthetic mods) so I have my stock BAP wheels. I may get tired of the stock...
  2. Pedders Xa coilovers riding rough

    Alright so I installed my coilovers and left the rear as is no adjustments besides 15 clicks on the dampening and dropped the front down to just covering tire on my fender and 15 clicks dampening. It rides great on small bumps, but when I hit a small pothole it feels so rough. Did I miss...
  3. Pedders Clunk?

    I installed my pedders extreme coilovers, and got it aligned. I cant seem to get the clunk figured out? Its whenever the front two wheels travel. Its definitely in the front. It almost sounds like the hub is about to fall off the bottom of the coilover.
  4. Android auto disconnecting

    So Im using the same cable I used with my Samsung S8, and I got the S20+ recently and it keeps disconnecting from Android Auto. Any ideas?
  5. My modes getting weaker?

    So I switched my 4inch radio to sync3. Got drive modes, and i couldn't stay out of track mode. I really feel like track mode has lost its pep. I'm digging sport plus more. Could the APIM or ECU pull the throttle back? Or am I used to it?
  6. 18-20 Weird Foglight/turn signal?

    Im not sure if this has been asked before, but I'm not one to black out my lights since I like the red and black asthetic, but is that the only option for the front foglight turn signal? Its so weird looking.
  7. Rattling EBrake?

    Does anyone elses Ebrake rattle? It only does it around 55+, it's not a huge bother because I can bolster it up, but has anyone fixed it by something simple?
  8. Tick with no physical issues?

    So like a paranoid car guy I hear a decently irratic, I search Mustang6g. (Shameless plug) Has anyone boroscoped their engine, 18-19, with mileage over 10k to find no scoring on their cylinder walls? I just cant fathom (Im not a paid Ford bot) Ford letting all of these Engines just have major...
  9. Reverse Sonar no lines?

    I switched my 4 inch display with the sync 3 8 inch display. In doing so I lost my sonar lines. I still have the backup beeping from it, but no lines. Can anyone tell me the codes for fixing it in FORScan?
  10. Sync 3 wrong trans type?

    Okay so Sam told me my Sync 3 is from a auto car, and mine is manual I know the code swap, but wheres my 01&02 lines??
  11. Roush Catback Swaybar clanking?

    Alright so I was searching through Craigslist, and found a Roush Catback that came off a car being sent to Lebanon Ford in Ohio to be turboed. So I picked it up for cheap. Go to slap it in, and I get to the mandrel tubing which had been welded in to xpype then cut off. Great so I drove to work...
  12. Can hand polishing remove this?

    Hey guys, I have this kind of haze on my hood which Im sure I caused from accidentally dry waxing with my orbital. Its the dip on both sides of the hood leading to my heat extractors. I can't if at all feel scratches. Is this possible (I understand its over the internet) to fix by hand with...
  13. Crowd hunters?? Advice on sidewall

    So my Mustang, and I were talking. She said hey I'm new, and hungry for crowds. So stupidly I dumped the clutch coming out of Sonic to find myself overcorrecting to smack the sidewalk on the passenger side. So far my damage is of course a new alignment. I also have rash on noth rims. Nothing...
  14. Prevention Mods?

    Hey guys, I just got my 2019 GT base 6spd, I was wanting to know of some really good preventive mods for my car. I dont have magneride or active exhaust. Im looking for things like a JLT catch can, drain plug for the oil pan, transmission bushings etc. Thanks!
  15. Tennessee Cobb V3 Unmarried $350 you ship

    Traded in my 18 EcoBoost for a 19 5.0. Dont need it anymore. Plastics are still on it. 350 you pay shipping 300 you come to me in Chattanooga area. Only has off the shelf tunes. No cobb stickers.
  16. Base GT ambient lighting conversion

    Hey guys, is there anyone out there who has legitimately taken the premium ambient lighting out to put on a base GT? Would the lights need to be programmed? No digital dash, but Sync 3 is installed. Thanks!