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  1. I need your help Canada guys...

    Done. Thank you guys! :cheers:
  2. Exhaust loudness opinion.

    Wich one is louder? Borla S-type catback or Atak axleback?
  3. Front seatback wear, discoloration...?

    My Premium GT has only 7500 miles on the clock. Look at the bottom of the seatback. I don't know if it is discoloration, wear or anything else, but these marks seems to be indelible. I tried Zaino spray cleaner and nothing happened. Your help would very precious.... :)
  4. Oem resonator alternative.

    I want to stay with my Borla S Type AB. I would like to replace the oem resonator to had more sound. From what I've learned in the forum, an x/h- pipe would apparently add too much sound for my taste. Borla resonator sound almost like oem resonator. Is there other sollutions?
  5. Borla S-Type with FRPP X-pipe?

    I installed Borla S-Type axleback on my dd GT 2 month ago. I'm pretty satisfied with the sound so far. Nevertheless, I would appreciate a little more aggressive sound when I slam the pedal. But I really dont want a loud sound when I'm cruising in town. By how far adding a Xpipe would crank...